Cyber Swap

So, in addition to the now wildly popular ShopTalk, the folks at Source Media Group are launching new programs like “BikeNite Live” on a weekly basis to continue the work of keeping the motorcycle community together during these strange times. With that in mind, the social environment that has always been a part of the Swap Meet shows a new possible venue to develop another great show for motorcycle people to continue to have motorcycle entertainment through the fantastic new platform made available with today’s circumstances. Cyber Swap is what they are calling it, and as you can imagine, it will be like a day at the motorcycle swap meet. Watch as long as you want while their host brings parts swappers on to offer up their goods, talk about bikes and parts and have a chance at scoring some cash for their old stuff. It’s all planned around a sixty-minute window that starts at 10 am EST on Sunday Mornings, and they are looking for this to be a weekly offering. If you would like to be considered as a part swapper, Sweet Ride Salesman or Big Ticket Auctioneer, just fill out the form below.

Three Ways To Sell: 

Parts Swap

Guests will appear one at a time as the host introduces them, their part(s), and asking price. They will do a video walk-around of the part to show condition, quality, authenticity, etc. Viewers will have first come first serve opportunity to purchase the part through the seller’s PayPal Link.

Sweet Rides

Whole bikes will come up for sale in a segment called “Sweet Rides” and will feature the seller walking around the bike, answering questions, and listing details. Viewers will have first come first serve opportunity to purchase the part through the seller’s PayPal Link.

Please note, that “Raffle Bikes” are NOT allowed.

Big Ticket Auction Item 

At the end of each episode, one top shelf part will be made available for an open auction in a segment called “Big Ticket Item.” The auction part will happen live right in the comment box on screen while the show is being aired. Viewers will have the opportunity to purchase the part through the seller’s PayPal Link, based on the seller’s acknowledgment of the highest bidder in the comments.

Why PayPal?

Buyer’s and Sellers MUST participate through PayPal Goods and Services ( You may NOT use the Friends & Family option for payments) This is to protect both the buyer and seller.

In the event that there is a discrepancy, Buyer and Seller’s sole form of recourse is through that provided by terms and conditions provided by PayPal. Cycle Source Magazine, Cyber Swap, their hosts or sponsors assume no responsibility nor provide any validation of anything being sold, traded, bartered or auctioned. This is plainly a conduit to connect both.