The Voting Is Now Open For Our 2017 “Source Awards!”



Welcome to one of our favorite annual offering from Cycle Source Magazine: The Year In Review Issue. In case you are new to our magazine we take the January issue each year to take a look back over the past 12 issues of the year in the life of the motorcycle culture. Additionally, we also have a two month process where we develop a list of nominees for you to vote on for a series of what we call the Source Awards. This is a small way for us to give a little credit to the people who make their livings from this industry, make art from it’s images, or have a hand in taking it to the next place. From the best builders, craftsmen, products and more, we leave it up to you, our ravenous readers, to decide who gets the much coveted “Source Awards” each year.

It all starts with invited participants from the industry and this publication who we ask to make nominations, then the vote is up to you! So, using the link above, cast your vote today for the Best of Awards, Best Pin-Up and Top Ten Bikes will be featured next month.

Voting will close early November so vote today! The results of your votes will appear in the January issue of Cycle Source where we will announce your “Best of 2017” Awards and do our annual Year in Review. Thanks for taking a minute to help us give some love to those who deserve it. Good luck to all the nominees and thank you to all the readers who help make our year in review issue the greatest issue of each season.

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