The Voting Is Now Open!!!! 2019 Best Of Awards…..

You the reader, decides who and what were the best of 2019, and what we will feature in our “Year In Review” issue. Click the image below to submit your vote for the Best Man, Woman, Bikes, Event, and Products from the motorcycle industry from 2019 and the top ten feature bikes and Best Pin-Up from our past 12 issues.

15 thoughts on “The Voting Is Now Open!!!! 2019 Best Of Awards…..

  1. Was gonna vote for the 2019 awards and you closed the voting and it is only the 23rd. Didn’t think the 23 was late Nov. Must be a publisher deadline kinda thing.

  2. We all know that Dave Perewicz is the “Master of Flames ” but he is so much more! An accomplished artist in both the pain and artistry of his builds! He deserves both builder of the year and artist of the year. Please submit my votes for Dave in both categories.

  3. There’s No Other 2 Hard Working People On The EastCoast Then Dave And Judy There Is No Other (FACT)

  4. Hawke is one of the most talented builders I have the pleasure of knowing. He sees something in his mind and it always transforms into a work of beauty

  5. Event of the Year: Cross Country Chase
    Man of the Year: Jason Sims
    Woman of the Year: LeeAnn Sims
    Sportsman of the Year: Jason Sims (Dday Ride/Chase)
    Apparel Product of the Year: The Chase Vintage Sweaters
    Media Release of the Year: Chase Social Media Cover

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