Spic-N-Span Shovel

Article By: Jeremiah Levendusky Photos By: Jeff Cochran www.speedkingphoto.com Perfection and precision are accomplished only by practice and persistence. Nothing or no one holds more true to that than my good buddies at Papa Clutch Customs. I have been lucky enough to witness another excellently executed build by these cats from Ainsworth, Iowa. I would Read More >

Motorcycle Seat Upgrade

Article And Photos By: Sara Liberte Look, it’s inevitable as time goes on that certain parts on your car, motorcycle, dirt bike or whatever vehicle you cherish most will eventually deteriorate. It’s a part of life; things wear out. Take your own body for example. There are certain things you just can’t do like you Read More >

Relocating Gas Tank Filler Neck

Article By: Tyler Malinky Relocating or replacing the filler neck in your gas tank not only gives you a custom look, but can help get the most capacity out of your gas tank. Todd wanted to use this Narrow Alien gas tank, which is 2.1 gallons, on a chopper he is building. The tank sits Read More >

Give Me Libert Or Give Me Death…Ya Dig?

Give me liberty or give me death” were powerful words spoken by Patrick Henry, one of the founding fathers of this great nation. It was this closing line in a speech he made to the Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775, that would move the people to throw their hats and troops into the Revolutionary Read More >