Article By: Chris Callen

Photos By: Jason Goodrich

Originally Published In The July 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

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Who doesn’t remember the names Andre the Giant, Jimmy Superfly Snukah, Hulk Hogan or Randy Macho Man Savage? Further back, names like Rick Flair, Dusty Rhodes and George the Animal Steele come to mind. In one way or another, one sanction to another, professional wrestling has been part of my generations culture since we were kids. I can remember the late nights watching the Brisco Brothers latest offerings of WCW or NWA, both of which were way less flashy and extravagant compared to today’s WWE. In any event, today’s world sees our generation growing into their own as far as spending and with that the dawn of WrestleMania, which bring us to the story of this bike, and its owner, Shane O’Mac, the son of WWE owner Vince McMahon. Shane has been in the news as of late for his return to wrestling where he entered a cage match against the Undertaker, in what played out as the largest attendance in WrestleMania’s history. But let’s talk about the bike for a minute. When you think of an Indian Larry motorcycle you get a picture in your mind of the kind of rough and rowdy bike that Larry and the boys tore ass on around New York back in the day. Through the years those bikes evolved into sleek machines that were as well built as they were tough, using the best parts on the market. This comes down to the same thing: if you’re gonna have a bike in the big city, and if you’re gonna ride it hard, you have to build it bullet proof. That’s exactly what they did here with Ronin, they built a bike with the capabilities to stand up to a pounding. And when the bike is owned by one of the hardest riders on the planet, you gotta build it to be unbreakable.

The only way for me to describe the way Shane rides is to use the word sick. I can remember a time at Aidan’sRride in New York when Bobby had to go get Shane from the side of the road ‘cause he was doing like a million miles an hour across the BQE. But you see that’s life in the city. Shane is a busy cat and loves to ride; so whether it’s a mid-day business meeting across town or an early steak with the boys, he rides his bike and he rarely goes slow. How does this come into Indian Larry Motorcycles? Well, a few years back Bobby and Elisa were looking for a partner in the business. Having known Shane for six or seven years they felt his passion for bikes and his sense for business made him a perfect fit. Over time he’s had a few personal bikes built by the shop but this latest is just over the top. The reaction people have had on social media and in person has given the thumbs up that it keeps in the traditions of what people expect from an Indian Larry Motorcycle. Unlike the parts that you may be able to buy from ILM, when they build a custom bike from start to finish, it’s tailor made.

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This frame is made with the legendary twisted downtube but the frame specs are just a little longer that what you can typically get. Of course, they stick with the best parts and go with the Baker 6 into 4 and a Tech Cycles belt drive. There are other areas that are a drastic departure from the norm. They had a chance to work outside the box when Ohlins sent them a set of 43mm forks to see what they could come up with. John hit the AutoCAD and drafted up a wicked cool set of triple trees that make it look like the front end was made for this bike, ‘cause it was. The end result is a beefy looking front end that doesn’t take away from the tight little lane splitter it is. So, the blacked out appearance is something huh? Ya know, as long as I’ve been a fan of ILM bikes, from when Larry was still building them all the way up to this one, no two are ever the same when it comes to the finish. Each has a personality and this one screams criminal! No joke, I could see a guy in a full face helmet with the cops behind him on a good brisk night through the city for kicks. Not that I’m saying that would be the approved method of testing their new bike but you can bet it would pass. The bike’s been all over already, why do you think we’d put it on the cover still? CAUSE IT’S BAD ASS! And so are the guys who built it and the owner. Which brings us back around to the beginning of the article again. Shane found himself at the top of the 20-foot steel cage during his WrestleMania match and as he came crashing down The Undertaker pulled away at the las second leaving Shane with nothing but a table and the floor to land on. It was a defeat that Bobby said you could feel throughout the entire Dallas Stadium. Fans who were as amped as he’d ever seen, immediately fell silent upon the Undertakers victory. Knowing Shane and hearing of his good work in business and in his personal life I can clearly see why he would have so many loyal fans, he’s a good man. Except if and when you can catch him out on the little black bike he calls Ronin, which comes from an ancient Samurai warrior who’s master had died or who has lost the favor of his master. That warrior is faced to walk alone in the world with no master. Sounds kinda familiar right?

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Ronin Tech Sheet

Owner: Shane McMahon

City: New York City, NY

Fabrication By: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Year: 2016

Model: All City

Value: $125K

Time: 6 Months


Year: 2016

Model: Pan-Shovel

Builder: S&S

Ignition: Morris Magneto

Displacement: 103”

Pistons: S&S

Heads: S&S

Cam(s): Berry The Jugs & Inside

Carb: S&S

Air Cleaner: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Exhaust: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Primary: Tech Cycles


Make: Baker Drivetrain

Make: 6 Into 4


Year: 2016

Model: Twisted

Make: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Stretch: 3”

Front end

Type: Narrow Springer

Triple trees: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Forks: Ohlins

Rake: 43


Front Wheel:

Size: 21”

Front Tire: Metzeler

Front brake:

Rear Wheel:

Size: 18”

Rear Tire: Metzeler

Rear Brake: Brembo


Painter: John The Painter

Color: Flat Black / Gloss Black

Graphics: Scott Takes


Bars: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Fuel tank: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Rear fender: ILM / Led Sled

Seat: Paul Cox

Controls: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Oil Tank: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Headlight: Harley Davidson

Taillight: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Mirror: Indian Larry Motorcycles

Speedo: None

Photographer: Jason Goodrich

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