Part 3: Almost There!

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The 1978 CB 750 Gets On The Road

Article By: J. Ken Conte

Photos Courtesy Of MotoAuct

In our last article, Jason Delacroix and Jason Williams, co-founders of, had rebuilt the motor on their CB750, cadmium plated all the bits and welded on the upswept tail section from Dime City Cycles. While the tins were off at the paint shop, the guys put the finishing touches on the chassis and engine. The carbs had been meticulously cleaned, rebuilt and jetted for the new exhaust system and mini-pod air filters. They worked feverishly to get the bike up and rolling after getting the frame and wheels back from powder coating. The powder coated wheels had all new bearings from All Balls, new spokes, and new drum brakes, all wrapped in a fresh set of Metzeler Tourance tires. The calipers were completely restored on the front wheel, with new rotors, hardware, pads, and a rebuild kit for the hydraulics.

Now that the frame was back, they mounted the ignition components and got the wiring done. With the engine now safely in the chassis, they started in on getting the flatblack aftermarket exhaust mocked up. It was a bit of a struggle, with four pipes heading different ways, but they wrestled them on and were pleased with the final results. Jason Delacroix found a cool headlamp with an amber lens to start out the slick-looking front end. They used the stock trees and tubes, put some retro shock boots on, and modified the upper clamp and handlebar mounts to suit the build. They then mounted the new blackedout hand controls and bars, ensuring the CB750 will have a low stance with great ergonomics. They still need to fab a bracket for the new speedometer and button up the wiring for it to be a runner. The paint shop provided imagery of primed tins and also some suggested color palates. The final installation next month will show this as a feature bike, painted, ready to go to the Quail and be auctioned off live on

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