Nick Pensabene of MadPen Cycles In Motion Builder Profile

MadPen Cycles Joins The In Motion Show Presented By Lucas Oil At The Lone Star Rally

Nick Pensabene is originally from Long Island New York. He fell in love with the chopper world about 6 years ago when he and his best friend Chris Leduc bought clapped out projects and started their first builds in his dad’s garage. They cleared out a little 4×8 spot for each of them on either side of his dad’s badass chop top Merck, they were perpetually scared of hitting with tools or sparks. It took Nick about two years and a lot of help from his friends to complete that first build.

At age 24 he left New York to start his own fence company in Daytona Florida. He was still just tinkering with bikes and didn’t really have a project, so he picked up an old Shovel in trade for his Ironhead and started his second build which ended up being the “Shovel Puzzle” a little swing arm lane splitter. He won his first bike show with that bike and had it shot for Hot Bike Magazine! Shortly after leaving the show he rode down to Main Street Daytona and as soon as he parked the bike Michael Lichter asked if he could shoot it, unfortunately, it had just been shot earlier that day. His response, “Maybe next one kid!” Lichter may have forgotten that moment, but he never will. Shortly thereafter Michael invited this up and comer to be part of the 2017 Old Iron Young Blood Exhibit. Not bad for only two builds under his belt.

Building bikes is not his day job and he doesn’t do it for a living but balancing the passion he has for building bikes and building his business isn’t an easy task. Nick truly loves building bikes and has made many sacrifices to keep up on both. Pensabene says the bike world has taken him all over the country and enabled him to meet some big-name builders who he now calls friends. Sometimes he dreams of starting a shop and doing the Chopper thing full time because he loves it so much. But, like many, worries that if he does it for a check it may make him lose the passion and drive. A trade he’s not quite willing to make just yet so, for now, he will keep hustling putting up Fence’s during the day and go home and stay in the shop building bikes all hours of the night



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