Monday Morning Editorial

The Snow, The Shows, The Bullshit Called Winter!

I wish I could tell you that I am so busy with motorcycle projects this year that I have had little time to get the winter doldrums, but alas, I have them blues. It’s the low, dull rumble right now that begs for attention, the only kind that a brisk ride on a shovelhead can give me. Unfortunately I am a whole bike and two months away from that and as I look out the window at the majesty of a the fresh landscape on a winters morn, all I can focus on is an asshole in his bathrobe, emptying a chemical toilet into my storm drain.

No seriously, why do we tend to focus on the negatives the most when we have downtime? We claim to all really want to take a brake, slow down, get in a good rhythm with balance in our lives, but when we do there is little harmony. Instead of enjoying the garage time to the fullest, embracing moments with family and friends, we sit around like junkies on the long end of a delivery route.

Some will call it cabin fever, the painful expression of a restless soul, but I call bullshit! I think the idiot box blaring out the sad state of affairs our political climate has become, the leftover holiday food, holiday bills and the fat ass that came along with it all, adds up to a pressure cooker that sees many of us watching the shining with a blank stare. This makes those around us somewhat uncomfortable, you see. Not everyone understands that were not really ready to come through the door with a knife. Thank God that I live where it is only winter for two or three months. I can’t imagine what it must be like for folks who have a real off season.

In any event, Daytona is just around the corner and by the middle of the year I will hardly remember having these thoughts. But isn’t that the way of life with the motorcycle? I better get back in the garage and try to get the snow cat…. I mean, Shovelhead running…. Just a quick reminder to let you know at least one other Moto-Junkie is thinking the same thing you are today…. When Can We Ride?????


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