Metzler Becomes Official Tire Of The Source

Cycle Source Staff Gathers Great Memories Traveling On Metzler Tires

metzeler-tires logoPittsburgh, PA – July 2015 – In a deal made official at the beginning of July Cycle Source management named Metzler as the official Tire of Cycle Source Magazine. What this means is that the Staff that brings the motorcycle public some of the best bikes, articles and photos from around the country will now be gathering those contributions while traveling on Metzler Tires.

“Metzler has long been the choice for many of us, any which do a lot of traveling at least. When you find yourself putting on enough miles to change tires four and five times a year, you start to pay attention to making them last. Personally I have used Metzler tires since the days of the old ME80s and I’ve always loved them. A few years back in Sturgis I even won the Baker Burnout contest on a Metzler tire and rode the 1500 miles back to Pittsburgh afterwards, now that’s a good tire!” – Chris Callen, Editor In Chief


With some 70 people contributing in one way or another to each of the 12 issues of Cycle Source in a full calendar year, a deal like this to help make the miles a little easier is crucial. So look for them in the crowd. They are easy to spot with bikes that are ridden, skin that is weathered and a gleam in their eye that’s filled by immense wanderlust. These are the modern day poets of the motorcycle culture and now they’re powered by Metzler!

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