Just a few words for thought….

People say “biker” like it’s a bad thing, well if half of those people would stop and take a minute and get the facts about thought of what that “biker” has done.

He has stopped to help another with a flat tire or to give them a hand if they are lost. Helped a little old lady cross the street, been to many benefits to help children, family’s, etc.

Just because people see someone who wears leather and has tattoos doesn’t make them bad. They have 1% patches and look rough as can be but would be the first to lend a hand to a brother in need. Bikers are always misjudged and looked down upon but they know who they are and what they would do for another. They do not care what others think they are on the open road all across this land with the wind in their hair and on their face.

People sit back and want to place blame on everyone and everything else today. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions anymore.

Used to, when a man said he would do something and he shook your hand it meant something. Now it’s hard to tell if that same person is going to stab you in the back.

People complain about how our country is in turmoil but don’t want to do anything to change it but turn to their phones and computers and complain. It’s time to stand up put down the toys and do something to turn our country back around.

Whether you ride a Harley or a Yamaha or any other kind of bike there is one thing you have in common that’s the joy of riding.

It’s not where you ride to but it’s the ride that you take either alone or with others by your side.

Why argue about what’s cool or sick or at the top of the industry.

There are many people building new ideas everyday and they should have the support of all riders.

That is what will keep the sport alive for years to come.

No matter young or old it should be passed on so others can enjoy.

Written by : Joe Schindler


One thought on “Just a few words for thought….

  1. Personally I prefer to be a BIKER as I believe that makes me more than just a motorcyclist. Anyone can become a motorcyclist by just buying one But in my opinion you cannot become a BIKER without getting involved in the Lifestyle.
    That lifestyle takes many forms and different directions and like with society in general what we do in the society within a society called BIKER Brotherhood is what makes us the person we are.
    I have learned a long time ago that no matter what we do we will never please all the people all the time so I do the things that I feel are best for me and I get a good percentage of people agree. Those that do not OH WELL they are missing out on many of the things that the BIKER LIFESTYLE has to offer.
    These people are entitled to their opinion just as I am and I will fight for their right to express it But I also reserve the right to try and educate them to what they are missing.
    Motorcycles and being a BIKER has been very good to me. I enjoy what I do and I think that is very important. I see many people that own motorcycle so that they can belong to whatever and then because the BIKERS will not conform to their way of thinking want to try and downgrade them to being just motorcyclist. For those that are happy with being called that fine But for me and many others I am going to continue to take it to the limit of my possibilities.
    Be proud of being a BIKER and let everyone know it.
    I am called ROGUE for a reason But because there are other Rogue’s in the world I clarify it by letting everyone know I am BIKER ROGUE and I am Proud of Who I Am.
    If you are being called a BIKER by others be proud of it and those of you that call yourselves Bikers But are not really sure in your mind if you are, well take the next step you will be happy that you did.

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