Jesse James new Show on Discovery

jessejamesWell the Chopper Live Build off created a lot of talk about Jesse James so here is something else that will get everyone talking. Up until the past few months Jesse James has kept a pretty low profile after his bout of tabloid scandals.  He has since said the he is ready to return to TV. His new show which is set to premiere Monday, April 9 at 10 p.m/9c. on Discovery Channel is named  The Jesse James Project.

After all of the mess Jesse decided to lay low and head back to Austin Texas and get back to his roots as one of the top fabricators in the world. Jesse had made the decision to partner up with  The Austin Speed Shop. Joining the Speed Shop is not only a new business venture for Jesse; it also signifies a new life.

This show is taking place at the Austin Speed Shop and Jesse has given the crew a work load that is crazy and he is unsure of how they will handle to task.

Discovery first approached him last year about getting back into business together. First up, James agreed in December to compete against American Chopper stars Paul Teutel Jr. and Paul Teutel Sr. on Discovery’s live special American Chopper: The Build-Off. Since then, cameras have followed James and his new crew as they rebuilt a 1932 Ford Roadster.

The custom job was done in time for a Bonnie and Clyde-themed reliability run. “We had a month to do it and they did it,” James says. “They did what they didn’t even think they could do, which is awesome.”

There has been some talk around that Discovery Channel  would like to do another Build off Re-Match, Jesse has stated that if he were to do it again that it would have to be against someone good.

Stay tuned for more, and in the meantime, you can see Jesse on Sons of Guns, premiering Wednesday, March 28, at 9 p.m. E/P. (The promo is below.)

So set your DVR’s to record his new show and after it airs I will put a post up and we can hear what everyone’s thoughts are.


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