Grand National Muffler

Extra Street Rod Grunt From S&S

Article & Photos By: Patrick Garvin

Originally Published In The January 2019 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

I’ve had the chance to spend some time this fall on the HD’s Street Rod. Overall, I’ve been mildly surprised by the bike. It might be the best handling Harley I’ve ever ridden, but it lacks noticeable punch in the low RPM range. Lack of low-end grunt is definitely not a trait of bikes coming out of Milwaukee, but neither is the high RPM rush and redline from this little 750. So, I figured if I could fix the lack of lowend power my power hungry self would get the best of both worlds. I lobbed a call to the horsepower experts of S&S over in Wisconsin. They, of course, had already diagnosed this condition in the bike and responded accordingly by whipping up an intake and a muffler. The installs were a cake walk and the first thing I noticed was the all business muffler, the sleek Grand National muffler replaced the giant breadbox Article And Photos By: Patrick Garvin of a stock can with a sleek much lighter unit.

It also uncorked the v-twin sound that we all lust after. In stock form the bike is so quiet you can hear the valvetrain noise over the exhaust, the new made in America exhaust barks like it should. As happy as I was with the exhaust the Mini Teardrop intake really really makes the classic statement that your packing S&S power while fitting the smaller bike perfectly and ditches the mailbox that was hanging off the bike from the factory. Again, the made in Wisconsin parts were well thought out and went on the bike flawlessly. After a quick romp, it was mission accomplished. The free-flowing muffler and intake did the trick and gave me the seat of the pants grunt off the bottom of the RPM range. The little 750 is shaping up to be quite the weapon with the bottom end power added to the top end rush this little bike is quickly becoming one of my favorite canyon carvers. But you don’t have to take my word for it you could actually take the bike home and see for yourself. J&P, Gieco and the Buffalo Chip are giving this bike and another away during the Sturgis Rally in 2019. Stay tuned for details and this little ripper could be yours.

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