BMR 2012 here’s the deal……………..

bmr20122012 Big Mountain Run Date Moving: So here is the deal. The BMR for this year has to move, getting too big for the old location and since it was sprung on us late we are asking all of you who are planning on coming this year, what date would be best to move to. The new location will most likely be just off of the Cherohala Skyway in Tellico Plains. They already do an event on our old date so keeping it is not an option. To get a look at the new digs go to Let us know..

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6 thoughts on “BMR 2012 here’s the deal……………..

  1. im from asheville nc and hopefully this will be my first year getting to ride the bmr. I would think april of may would be better than later. you want these roadsup heremore to yourself fora big event. you dont want to wade through all the leaf lookersand so on. but hey! everyday is a good day to ride.

  2. I was thinking the 2nd weekend in June but Bill does make a valid point. Although the place is pretty remote, heading out to the stores might be a problem if there has been incidents with the Tellico Bike Rally. Usually there aren’t many, but ya never know. Memorial Day weekend is a good time frame since many have an x-tra day off but then the problems of those weekend only riders out puttering around the skyway and dragon and in the area may be a problem. But the ride coming from NC is usually on a thursday so shouldn’t be too much traffic on those roads yet.

  3. earlier the better, especially if were having it at the same place as the Tellico Biker Rally. that rally is pretty big and the people in charge (the cops) and others tolerances will be wore a little thin, in which spells more trouble for all so lets go before. being first gives us the chance to set the bar for the year instead of being subject to others effrontery.

  4. May 24th start date. It’s not so late in the year we are sweating our butts off. The weather is generally pretty good in May. Not too much rain here in TENNESSEE, not too much heat, and the roads aren’t very clogged with tourists either. (But school is generally out, and it will be starting….the kids will be out and starting to bug parents about hitting the road for Gatlinburg and such.)

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