9/11 Anniversary “Never Forget”

As we approach the 12 year mark on the 9/11 Anniversary. I don’t think that this makes it any less painful to think about that horrible day, and how it has changed our country since then.

This year is no different than any other year prior or upcoming.

We will never forget and each of us more than likely remembers exactly where you were and what you were doing on that day, and how it changed you.


There is a lot going on this year in regards to 9/11 for instance the “2 Million Bikers to DC”. Look for the article on this in an upcoming issue of the magazine.


In this memorial website for 9/11 you can watch live as New York City Commemorates the 12th anniversary. 


There is also a section on this website for the loved ones of those killed on 9/11 in tribute. http://www.911memorial.org/information-911-family-members


On this website the director of the Museum says that this is in honor of the memory and to educate for a better future.


You can use the memorial guide to find a name on the memorial click here.


The 9/11 Memorial has launched an official digital magazine on social-networking aggregator Flipboard, providing a dynamic and interactive experience for all.

This will include information and social media while delivering powerful videos, vivid photos and engaging content.

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum Insider is available now. Subscribe today on the Flipboard app for Android and Apple devices.


Today also go to 911day.org and Join the 9/11 tribute movement and what your “I Will” will be.


“Never Forget”

i will 9 11



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