Performance Kit For 2010 FLHX / FLTRX Harley-Davidson


slip-on D&D has released the BOSS Glide slip-on performance kit for stock 2010 FLHX / FLTRX Harley-Davidson Street Glide & Road Glide motorbikes, which delivers increase power and torque across the entire RPM range. The kit includes a show-quality chrome D&D BOSS Glide slip-on and a Zipper’s HiFlow air cleaner.


The team at D&D spent hours in the dyno room refining the performance kit to deliver power and torque right off of idle and into the mid RPM range… right where you ride.


At idle, the motorbike is deep, boomy and full of character. Once the throttle is cracked the sweet basso-profundo notes just keep on getting better. Not only does the pipe look good, it is a wonderfully sounding experience for the rider.

“Enthusiasts can’t believe that our Performance Kit can deliver this much power and torque without a tuner upgrade,” explained Dave Rash, The Pope of Pipe. “We spent hours on the dyno perfecting it.” “With just a wrench and a ratchet, every 2010 Street Glide & Road Glide touring owner can be up and running within an hour. That saves time and money.”

D&D selected Zipper’s HiFlow air cleaners because it is reusable and flow characteristics. It is manufactured with high quality 100-percent washable, pleated filter elements made from multiple layers of surgical-quality cotton gauze material, which traps the smallest dirt particles.

The dyno chart and dyno video with audio clip for both the BOSS Slip-on exhaust pipe is located on the website in the catalog section at D&D is available at your local dealer or directly from headquarters at 817-834-8961.

Provided by Biker