XS650 Brakes

Article By: Daniel Donley – Pandemonium Custom Choppers – www.pandemoniumc2.com

Originally Published In The February 2013 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


You ever ride a Yamaha XS650 before? The stock front brakes suck! You might as well drag a piece of wood down the road to stop. This month I am gonna show you how to install one of my Pandemonium brake kits for the XS650 along with a Brembo brake caliper.


The Pandemonium brake kit contains: caliper adaptor, rotor spacer, and stainless steel mounting hardware. The kit is designed to be used with a Brembo four piston brake caliper that has 65 mm bolt mount spacing. This is a great caliper having a four piston differential bore for some super braking power. These calipers can be purchased on the Internet. The install is a very straight forward, requiring only basic hand tools.


Start by removing the brake pads from the caliper. Pull the clips from the brake pad retaining pins, and then pull them from the caliper.



A few modifications are required to ready the caliper for installation. The brake pad guides need to be filed down to just below the brake pad surface. The numbers on the




mounting ears and the corner of the inner brake pad also need to be filed; use a good sharp file here. Drill the two mounting holes to 25/64.


This is what your caliper should look like when you are finished. Install your rotor spacer and rotor, then torque to spec. The brake kit isn’t side specific; you can use it on the right or left side.





Measure from the rim to the inner side of the lower leg (axle nut side). With this measurement, check the other side and make it the same. This will ensure that your front wheel is in the center for the frontend. Torque the axle clamp to spec. Now install the caliper and bracket. Caliper shims are also provided in the kit and are used for centering the caliper over the rotor. Only use them if necessary.


With the caliper mounted, you can see that it is very close to the spokes.




With a file, it’s time to clearance the back side of the caliper. Go slow here and check your work. Don’t take a grinder to it! With the caliper mounted, install the brake line and bleed the brake system. A 12mm to 14mm bore size master cylinder works great with the Pandemonium brake system. On your first ride with your new brake system, it is important to burnish in your brake pads and rotor. This procedure should be done by riding at 15 to 20 mph with light pressure on the brake handle–5 seconds on, 5 seconds off. Do this for about 1 minute. Continue to ride a little bit to allow the pads and rotor to cool off, and then do this procedure again. I usually do this about three to four times. This will ensure that your brake pads are properly burnished to your rotor. Give yourself time to adjust to your new braking performance. Any questions, feel free to call me at the shop: 419-576- 6812.

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