Working Man’s Build – Part 2

Customizing Jared Blake’s Sporty with Pandemonium Custom Choppers

Article and Photos By: Daniel Donley –

Originally Published In The July 2016 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Just to recap on last months beginning of this article, I recently was approached by Jared Blake, He is hard working country music singer, out there pounding the pavement to make a living, just like you and I do every day. After a summer tour from one bike event to another and seeing all of the cool bikes. He thought that his stock looking sportster back home, wasn’t so cool anymore and needed an update. But just like any hardworking American, money is hard to come by sometimes. So with this project we are on a budget, which doesn’t mean we can’t have the max cool for the least money. So the plan is to give this plain jane some soul…..


This is where we left off last month with the Jared Blake working man’s build. We got a lot of work done in a short weekends time, now let’s get this project all wrapped up.


A few too many miles or maybe a few too many burnouts this ol’ girl was in need of some new shoes. So we are going to put some new tires on.


Out with the old bologna rinds and in with some stylin’ and profilin’ white wall shoes! It’s also always good practice to check your bearings and races for wear. Also you need to re-grease your bearings and check bearing end play. Which should be .002 to .006. Don’t forget to install new wheel bearing seals.


Since Jared’s bike has a lot of Chrome the black pulley looked really out of place and to keep it cost effective we installed a chrome pulley cover. To give the rear wheel the pizazz it needed.


The front got the same stylin’ and profilin’ white wall as the back!


The rear brake pads were shot so new ones were in order


Both rear shocks were leaking and had no dampening, to make sure Jared has some cushion from the bad roads and to get the low aggressive look a set of 10 ½” Burly Slammer shocks were in order.



Before and after, sometimes all it takes is the simple removal of some “doodad” that somebody else wasted their money on. No more headlight brow!


The derby cover was leaking and needed resealed. Another “doodad” was removed in the process. We decided to go with a simple chrome derby cover.


The old tuna can air filter assembly just wasn’t fittin the bill. We decided to go with a TC Bros cast finned aluminum air filter assembly. This definitely fit the look were after.


Both the clutch and brake levers were banged up pretty good so we replaced them with some flashy speed hole ones. Also installed a new rearview mirror.


Visual Impact did a knockout job on the paint, while Visual had the tank we also had him seal the inside.



Gas tank and rear fender installed



It’s a wrap! On the Working Man’s Build! I had a lot of fun working on this project for Jared Blake. Sometimes keeping things clean and simple is the best way to go. All that is left is to take it for a test ride and then it is off to Jared to enjoy for the summer! Thank you Jared I hope you dig it!


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