Will Ramsey Of Faith Forgotten Choppers’ In Motion Builder Profile

Owner of Faith Forgotten Choppers, Will Ramsey started the company in 2009 with the intention of bringing high-quality fabrication and balanced design aesthetics to his customers.  In a quest for truth within an industry riddled with anecdotal production processes, he immersed himself in the scientific studies of Welding, Metallurgy and the history of Industrial Design. Will’s love for “timeless” vintage style choppers is evident in the classic lines of his bikes, but his use of modern components along with his precision fabrication techniques produces dependable choppers that perform above today’s standards. Contrasting polished metals against satin colors distinguishes the Faith Forgotten Choppers style and maintains emphasis on the craftsmanship and detail of every design. With his focus on quality production, dependable function, and visual balance, every bike Will builds can withstand the test of time.

Will believes that form follows function, but more importantly, we denounce the concept of form following precedent. The parts he fabricates and the bikes he builds put an emphasis on longevity. Using 100% American materials, and labor, Faith Forgotten Choppers’ products will outlast the road. Ramsey believes that as builders, fabricators, and designers, one should be committed to making quality products from the ground up, pushing his work in new directions and allowing the past to influence our work, but never dictate it. www.faithforgottenchoppers.com

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