What You Didn’t Know – Roland Sands

Originally Published In The June 2013 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

Name: Roland Sands

Age: 38

Business: Roland Sands Designs


Roland is from Long Beach, CA. His first motorcycle was at age 5 and was an RM 50 dirt bike. His love of speed on two wheels took him to the professional racing ranks for 10 years, setting multiple records. Thirty-Two broken bones later, Roland decided to build motorcycles instead of racing them. In 2005, he founded Roland Sands Design. Sands’ designs are a mixture of sport bike and chopper influences. Roland and his designs have earned many awards throughout the years. He and his company have also been featured in over 500 magazine articles world-wide, on over 100 magazines covers and attend most American motorcycle rallies and events year round.


If you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life, who would it be?

That’s a cruel question! Maybe the Clash; I can’t say for sure. That would suck!


If you were able to spend time in another decade, what would it be and why?


The ‘20s would be really fun. I’d love to ride on a Motordrome and see all those original race bikes running on wood planks. What a gas that would be! Flying Merkels, Cyclones, Excelsiors, Indians and HDs all ripping it up with leather helmets.


What do you consider the most exciting thing to ever happen to you?

Creating my brand. It’s hard work but it’s fun, and everyday it’s something crazy and new so it’s continuously exciting.


What is the one food you can’t give up?

I thought it was beer, but it turns out it wasn’t because I stopped drinking a few months ago


What’s another hobby of yours that is not motorcycle related?


Surfing. I’m a fan of big wave surfing and I love being by the beach and the water. The entire lifestyle is just plain good living.


What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My family.


What is your all-time favorite movie?


The Big Lebowski. I watch it every time I run across it on cable.


If you had to spend a year in another country, where would you go?

Does Big Sur count? It feels like another country. I could do Italy for the food, or Indonesia, the waves are good there.


What’s one thing that you want to do before you die?


Make a difference in people’s lives that can’t help themselves. My friend, Jon Rose, who’s a pro surfer, has dedicated his life to helping people less fortunate: the tsunami in Japan, hurricane in Jersey, tainted water in Africa. He’s there making a difference on the ground. I have a ton of respect for his choices. One day I hope to be brave enough to forget about work for a while and be active. Check out his cause at wavesforwater.com and donate.


What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

Mentally I think I’m 20, but physically I feel like I’m 50.

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