What You Didn’t Know

Willie Jones

Name: Willie Jones

Age: 60

Business: Tropical Tattoo Inc.


I was born in Daytona Beach, Fl and started riding bikes when I was 15. My first bike was a Honda, next I got an XLCH and then it was on! Harley’s were in my blood, even though all my older brothers rode Triumphs. My dad had an old Indian Chief. There was a time when I knew everyone who owned a Harley around Volusia County or pretty damn close! When I was 16, I was riding my Sporty around some former club guys and some not so former, LOL, when I met this one guy, he was like my Pops. He showed me the ropes, from steel toe boots, to working on bikes and tattooing. I came home one day, still in school, with a Harley Tattoo! Well, my dad said “What the hell, with these damn bikes and tattoos, now what are you going to do? Work in a circus?” I moved on, always on two wheels. My dad died in 1985 and I sure wish he was around in 1990 when I opened up TROPICAL TATTOO. He was a good father, he always took a few minutes to teach me something, from guns to race cars, or to kick my ass for screwing off. As the years roll on, I have lost both parents but have been blessed with a great wife. She put up with pure hell in my early years. I really have to thank God, for I have been blessed to meet so many great friends and gain some brothers that are like blood to me. Those, who I have invited into my life, those that have stayed at my home, you are what helps me keep on keepin’ on. I love my country and the freedoms we have, but if people don’t wake up we are going to lose it all. Now get off your ass and go for a ride eat some BBQ!


CS: What is a day of real freedom for you?

WJ: Freedom is waking up and being able to walk outside down to the range to unload on some tanerite, shoot some targets and go for a ride to Dixie Crossroads for some seafood or eating some good BBQ.


CS: What food would you ask for if you were going to the chair?


WJ: Seafood or BBQ


CS: Who would you pick as your ideal cellmate alive or dead?


WJ: Raquel Welch, I hope it’s co-ed by then!


CS: Which describes your music habits, iPod or Cassette deck?

WJ: 8 track to CDS Wind of the Road


CS: Who was your hero growing up?

WJ: Growing up I had 3 heroes. George Washington, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood


CS: What is your least favorite thing in the world?

WJ: Sickness and disease CS: Best bike ever made, in your opinion.


CS: Best bike ever made, in your opinion.


WJ: I’ve owned Pans, lots of Shovels but my all-time favorite was the Evo, it was the most dependable.


CS: Favorite 70s TV Sitcom?


WJ: Sanford and Sons, and I Dream of Jeannie


CS: Favorite cartoon character?

WJ: Popey

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