Wasted And Wounded

Article By: Jimmy Frizzell

Photos By: Sean Bowie

Originally Published In The June 2016 Issue of Cycle Source Magazine


When industry caters to eye candy and the average show bike sees limited road use exactly when do you take the risk of letting function precede form, and how far do you let one dictate the result of the other? In Will Ramsey’s mind there is no question, function always dictates the end result and the details are defined by the theory. At Faith Forgotten Choppers performance is the main goal with every bike created to be ridden and built to be beaten on. Since 2009 the love of vintage style and balanced design has guided the shop through quality and innovating builds. Every bike follows a theme and every theme is taken to the limits sacrificing nothing to the gawking eyes of an uneducated public. Wasted and Wounded is a testament to Faith Forgotten’s work ethic. Following in a tradition of polished metals and satin finishes the smooth lines and aggressive stance hide the main fact that this is a performance machine like no other before it. Will Ramsey, like most that ride, is a full massed human that knows the vicious abuse a rigid can dish out. Bagged and sprung seats can only give so much relief until the reality of defeat sets in. The unforgiving resistance of steel is a necessary strength that keeps steady wheels planted on uncertain pavement and in return shakes the mere foundation of every part of a motorcycle and rider. Ramsey decided with the creation of his latest machine that he would face this unrealized issue head on.


Lighter and stronger, titanium has been the go to for many high performance race bikes and up until now there has been no need to adapt it’s use into the frame of the modern chopper. With a tendency to flex, the shear difficulty to work with, and steep increase in cost the uncertainty of its performance as a Panhead chopper would probably deter the average builder from taking the risk. Without risk there can be no reward and Will Ramsey, a self proclaimed metal nerd, hunts day and night for new challenges that promise great satisfaction. With dozens of flawless stainless steel frames under his belt and countless custom front ends being the life blood of the shop Will set out on the adventure of housing a 1960 Pan within the confines of a space age metal. With a total build time of only 29 days the challenges of working with titanium was met with skill and precision. With titanium the risk of easily turning the indestructible metal into a brittle mass of garbage is always in the back of your mind but in Ramsey’s case easily avoided and the result was more than the crew at Faith Forgotten could ever have hoped for. To add to the handling Will also crafted a one off Titanium version of the shop’s narrow springer front end, another first for the shop. Wasted and Wounded was crowned with an in house custom tank and chased with a matching fender. The exhaust was built with the assistance of SpeedKing USA. Jess Cleary of K&S Customz built the 80” Panhead with S&S pistons and heads and an Andrew B Grind cam fed by a S&S Super E. The bike runs gears through a 1960 four speed ratchet top jockey giving a traditional power plant to an all but traditional build.

Like it was stated earlier, every bike that Will builds comes with an underlying theme and this build would be no different. The words “Wasted and Wounded” that adorn the tank are a direct copy of a tattoo worn across Will’s chest. But one of the most intricate detailed pieces is the Fab Kevin seat wearing a leather pad hand tattooed (not stamped) by a close friend with the words of Tom Wait’s classic “Tom Traubert’s Blues”. The bike is a well thought out, organic build created with passion and skill. The metals are chosen because of their ability to age and weather without needing constant attention eventually showing the details that only time and use can provide. The Panhead, as with all of Will’s builds are meant to outlast the road. Faith Forgotten treats every build with an unwavering attention to detail and this bike is no different. Will says that the titanium frame allows for a comfortable ride and the flex doesn’t hinder the stability and confidence that a standard steel rigid provides. He has yet to excessively bottom the seat spring out and after over a thousand miles the ride continues to impress even the most cynical of riders, Will Ramsey himself. The engine vibrations read differently and did take a slight learning curve to interpret but the weight reduction alone gives the entire ride a smooth and powerful response. Sometimes when you sacrifice the need to take home trophies the result is nothing but perfection. “Wasted and wounded, It ain’t what the moon did, I’ve got what I paid for now…” Tom Waits


Wasted And Wounded Tech Sheet

Owner: Faith Forgotten Choppers

City: New Albany, IN

Fabrication By: Faith Forgotten Choppers

Year: 1960


Time: 29 Days


Year: 1960

Model: Panhead

Builder: Jess Clearly-K&S Customz

Ignition: Dyna S

Displacement: 80”

Pistons: S&S

Heads: S&S

Cam(s): Andrews

Carb: S&S Super E

Air Cleaner: BKC

Exhaust: SpeedKing & Faith Forgotten Choppers

Primary: Tech Cycles


Year: 1960

Make: Harley Davidson

Shifting: Jockey Shift

Clutch: Tech Cycles

Make: 4 Speed


Model: 2015

Make: Faith Forgotten Choppers

Material: Titanium

Rake: 35 Degree

Stretch: None

Front end

Type: Narrow Springer

Material: Titanium

Builder: Faith Forgotten Choppers


Front Wheel: Invader – Led Sled

Size: 21”

Front Tire: Metzeler 888

Front brake:

Rear Wheel: Invader – Led Sled

Size: 18”

Rear Tire: Metzeler 888

Rear Brake: SpeedKing Racing


Painter: Scott Takes



Graphics: Scott Takes


Bars: Faith Forgotten Choppers


Fuel tank: Faith Forgotten Choppers

Front fender: None

Rear fender: RWD

Seat: Anonymous Friend

Foot Conttols: Faith Forgotten Choppers

Oil Tank: Faith Forgotten Choppers

Headlight: Unity

Taillight: After Hours Choppers

Speedo: None

Photographer: Sean Bowie

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