Voodoo Child

Article And Photos By: Fred Mathews

Originally Published In The January 2012 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

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Every part of this bike takes you back to the early days of Triumph choppers. From the large flake candy paint to the no non-sense bare essentials of what makes a chopper. To top it off, the work is done meticulously with passion and precision. David Orr built this bike based on some family traditions his father passed down to him. He remembers his father’s bikes having candy flake and lace. Being on motorcycles E Cycle Source January ‘12 21 most of his life, starting with dirt bikes, David is no stranger to all the various families of bikes but his fondness is for the ‘60s & ‘70s types. This is not David’s first ride, nor is it his first Triumph. His first street bike was a Sportster that must have been too cool as someone else wanted it real bad, and stole it. This didn’t slow David down; his next build was a bike-in-a-box hardcore kit that he rode for a couple of years. Building motorcycles continued on as David built 3 more Big Twin rigids after that, then his first Triumph followed. He says, “Once it’s in your blood, it’s hard to shake!” This bike came together in about 6 months once he had gathered all the parts. Many of them were custom fabs from David himself. The main ingredients for this bike were bought from a buddy who picked it up at a pawnshop, in a basket. Many of the other parts were traded out for things David had laying around his shop.

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Starting with the basics, he rebuilt this 1973 Triumph engine with some technical help from his friends. He pushed it .020” over while working the valves to help the air through the engine to get the bike going in the wind. Fit this into a 1965 Triumph frame with some Z bars to handle the turns and you have a throwback build in the works. Tuck in a homemade oil tank, rework an old rusty gas tank, cut up a Mastiff front fender to cover the rear tire and you are putting it together old school for sure. Many of the stock parts were incorporated, as they still worked, while helping keep it from becoming overlaid with custom parts. One custom part you might not notice is the chain tensioner. David needed something that was functional but also didn’t sling oil all over the place. It has a piece of Teflon in it that is adjustable as needed.


After the hard work of fitting everything together that might not have been intended to fit where they ended up, David went to town on the finish end of this great looking Triumph. With only a few chrome pieces, this left a lot of area for the House of Kolor Candy Apple Red with some pretentious metal flake. This of course was done after many hours of molding to make each seam perfect. Top it off with a killer name like “Voodoo Child” and you get a bike that will turn most anyone’s head. Being the perfectionist that he is, David even turned all the clamps to line up the same way. It is the small details that set this bike apart from many others. David does ride this Triumph, not that you can tell by looking at it. After getting to the location by Bear Butte in Sturgis, South Dakota, David turned his attention to wiping off any dust that had accumulated during the ride. If you are ever in the Wichita, Kansas area I’m sure you will see this bike spotless even though it will have more miles on it. David has been working on another Triumph and we look forward to seeing that one as well.

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Voodoo Child Tech Sheet

Owner: David and Barbie Orr

City: Wichita, KS

Fabrication By: David Orr/Dave’s Chopper Barn

Year: 1965

Model: Triumph

Time 6 Months

Value: Big Bucks


Year: 1973

Model: Triumph

Builder: Owner/Tech Help From Friends

Ignition: Boyer

Displacement: 750

Pistons: 20 Over Hepalite

Heads: Stock/Bonneville Black Diamond Valves

Cam(s): Stock

Carb: Mikuni

Air Cleaner: Pancake Style

Exhaust: Stock Style Billet Tips

Primary: Stock


Year: 1973

Make: Triumph

Shifting: 5-Speed


Year: 1965

make: Triumph Front Custom Rear Section

Rake: Stock

Stretch: None


Type: Jap Bike

Builder: Unknown

Extension: Stock

Triple Trees: Unknown


Front Wheel: Spool

Size: 21”

Tire: Avon Speedmaster

Brakes: None

Rear Wheel: Spoke

Size: 16”

Tire: Shinko

Brakes: Performance Machine


Painter: Owner

Color: Candyapple Red w/ Flake

Type: House Of Kolor

Molding: Owner

Graphics: Owner & Red House Custom Paint


Bars: Jammer Z Bars

Risers: One Inch Aftermarket

Hand Controls: Barnett

Gas Tank(s): Old Rusty One Brought Back To Life

Front Fender: None

Rear Fender: Cut Up Mastiff Front

Seat: Aftermarket Diamond Tuck

Foot Controls: Stock Shifter/Custom Rear Brake Setup

Oil Tank: Homemade Billet

Taillight: Mini Cateye

Headlight: Bates’ Style

Photographer: Fred Mathews

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