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Technical Wizardry Achieved Through Better Tools

Originally Published In The July 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

The days of running points and carbs seems to be slowly slipping away from us. And as much as I enjoy simple, mechanical set ups on my motorbikes I also enjoy the adjustability and laser like precision of fuel injection. With all the new hot rod electronics comes a whole new world of wiring harnesses, ECM’s and electrical components, which also means more complicated diagnostics. And… more complicated diagnostics can mean that you will find yourself at the mercy of the dealer to help diagnose possible issues with your fancy machine because they have the fancy tools. And… if you’re reading this mag then you’re probably like me in that you don’t really care for other people touching your shit, much less a dealer gouging you for big dollars. Well fear not, some good folks have come up with a solution that will diagnose all your pesky engine lights for just $99 bucks.

The V&H Code Read will actually take it just a step further and not only read codes but will also give you live diagnostic data from about 20 different channels on four configurable screens. Now, you can throw your smart phone on your handlebars with the app open while you’re cruising down the road and figure out if that miss at 3200 RPM is spark related or fuel related. This, once again, give us “do it yourselfers” the freedom to toil away in our own garage on our own machines the way the good lord intended. Another perk is that the V&H Code Read doesn’t lock to one machine, so when the dude down the alley needs some help when his bike throws a weird code you can swoop in like a technical wizard and save the day. This should be good for at least a free beer or three. God forbid you should throw a code, but if you do your gonna want one of these in your toolbox or saddlebag.

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