V-Twin Expo Coverage

The V-Twin Expo happens every year in Cincinnati and give dealers a chance to see the newest V-Twin products. Although attendance has dwindled over the years, it is obvious that the dealers and suppliers now have the time to discuss the finer points of each new product. This year there were several products that made a splash including S&S and their new T143 engine that produces 160 horsepower and bolts right in to a stock late model bagger frame, as well as the new Power Tune Performance Systems also launched by S&S. HardDrive (WPS new V-Twin line) had a very large footprint with a two story booth and multiple manufactures represented. There were several custom bikes littered throughout but more OEM bikes that featured custom parts. The nights were hard to choose between parties, but they all sounded like they were well attended.


Bryan_Bruce Fatboy_PT harddrive knuckle PM_dyna  T143

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