Twelve Steps With Baker

Article And Photos By: Trish Horstman

Originally Published In The January 2012 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Like most people out there, we at the Cycle Source garage are looking to do more stuff in-house to save a couple bucks when and where we can. In the realm of building a custom motorcycle, that means re-building parts often times over using something new. In talking with Trish from BAKER the other day, I mentioned the successful program that S&S had in their remanufacturing facility. We saw this last year when my tired ass Twin Cam got an overhaul and I questioned her as to what BAKER would think about doing something similar for drivetrain components. Her answer, and man I feel like a dumbass for not knowing it, was that they recently put a program like this into action called “The BAKER 12 Step Program.” This would be great for anyone like me, in spite of the fact that there is a lot on the bike I can do myself, the transmission has always seemed to be that mysterious component that I never wanted to get into. I asked her if she would mind doing a little write-up for us to pass along to our readers and the following will explain how you can ship them your tired-ass tranny and have the drivetrain authority give you back a solid product ready for the road.

The BAKER 12 Step Program You’re not alone… there is help out there for your ride…

We’ve all been there. You notice that your bike is starting to miss a shift here and there. You don’t think much about it. First it’s one or two missed shifts a day. Then, it starts missing a lot of shifts every day. You surround yourself with other guys who have bikes that miss shifts just like yours, just to make it seem okay. Maybe your transmission is starting to drip oil, too. Initially, maybe it’s just a couple of drops. You just kind of rub it into the ground with your boot, hoping it will just go away and nobody will notice. Next, it’s a few more drops. Pretty soon you’ve got a full fledged leak goin’ on and you’re parking your bike on newspaper, but you’re always changing the paper and throwing it away so your bros don’t see it. Let’s face it buddy: your bike has got a problem. You can just keep going on denying it, or get the ol’ girl some help. Thankfully, for bikes like yours, we’ve just introduced the BAKER 12 Step Remanufacturing Program. We can repair or completely remanufacture your existing BAKER or Big Dog transmission with original BAKER parts. We can also repair or completely remanufacture your H-D transmission with your choice of O.E.M. H-D or BAKER parts. Depending on the age or condition of your transmission you may decide to upgrade with a DD5, DD6, or OD6 builder’s kit; the choice is yours. The transmission technicians at BAKER Drivetrain are the most knowledgeable in the V-Twin world and at $50/hr shop rate, we offer the best value in the business.


Our 12 step program includes:


1. Inspect and receive incoming packaged transmission from a worried owner like yourself


2. Unpack said transmission


3. Disassemble components


4. Clean and detoxify


5. Inspect components


6. Diagnose


7. Review options with owner… there are different ways to cure what’s happening with your bike


8. Reassemble with new BAKER or Genuine H-D components


9. Bench test


10. Complete written report – here’s proof that your tranny is finally clean, and ready to ride


11. Pack it up like new


12. Ship back to owner


Don’t worry, we’ll be discreet. You and your bike are the only ones who have to know… so get with the program! In these pics is Fudge, BAKER’s master 12-Step rebuilder. He is shown rebuilding a BAKER trans that is out of warranty but came back for some shift issues. He knew from looking at these gears that this customer was a hardcore rider and put a lot of abuse on this tranny. Each gear that showed wear on the teeth or the dog tooth ramps, were replaced. Sometimes full gearsets are replaced! He checks for tolerances and measurements in the mainshaft and countershaft to insure that when the customer receives this transmission back, it is in the best shape it’s been in since it was brand new.

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