Tornado Victim’s Dream Bike A Nightmare

Mother Nature can be nasty and unforgiving. Leaving us to pick up what is left of our lives. The destruction that was from the May 20th Tornado in Moore Oklahoma was horrific. We at the Magazine pray for all of the people and their families who have suffered from this terrible disaster. As seen many times before if we as one giant community come together to help those in need we can make a difference.

With that said, if you can help in any way please contact the Red cross at or 1-800-RED CROSS or you can text REDCROSS to 90999Moore-Tornado


Darwin Motorcycles have made it a mission to help this Navy Vet get his Dream bike that he lost among everything he owned in this devastating tornado.

Navy Vet, Gerald Mobley, lost everything in the May 20th tornado that devastated the town of Moore, Oklahoma.

Our friend and freelance photo journalist James Pratt came across Gerald during recovery efforts yesterday.

Salvaged from the rubble that was once his home, he found what he told James, “was going to be his dream bike”.

He had been building it in his garage, piece by piece, as he could afford it. It appears the chassis and motor are salvageable. But this bike is currently part of his worst nightmare. James, knowing about our support for Pros4Vets and our ReCycle For The Troops program, contacted me to relay Gerald’s story.

I immediately wanted to help. However, still recovering from a very depressed economy, I have my concerns about the financial aspect of this project. SCREW THAT.

We have faith that the motorcycle community will rally with us and WE WILL BUILD HIS DREAM BIKE.

Please join us.

If you are able to contribute in any way, either with parts or with services or with funding, please contact us at to help put a smile on Gerald’s face.

Tornado-Gerald 2

May 20 2013 Moore Oklahoma tornado



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