Tool Time With Pandemonium Custom Choppers

Published In The July 2015 Issue Of Cycle Source

Article & Photos By: Daniel Donnley www.pamdemoniumcustomchoppers.comCSM-JULY2015.pg18_Page_1_Image_0001

Our shop and our tools are a very important asset in what we do. We create build and customize motorcycles as our job and/or hobby. At times we get wrapped up so much in creating or customizing this new sweet build that it’s common or easily forgotten to actually take care of what actually creates these motorcycles. With that being said this is a basic overview of maintenance on your shop tools that we rely on usually every day and tend to just use and overlook maintenance. Without your tools your shop wouldn’t function. What are the most important tools in your shop? Well, in my shop they are the air compressor and welders. When is the last time you serviced those important tools in your shop? A very valuable tool in any shop is the air compressor. Routine maintenance on my air compressor is 3-4 times a year. I change the oil in the compressor pump, check the air filter and blow it out or get a new one if needed, I have also installed a drain petcock here for easy oil changes. Don’t forget about draining the condensation from the air storage tank on a regular basis. I typically do this weekly sometimes daily depending on the amount that I use the compressor.






Whether you have a MIG or TIG welder its good practice to remove all the covers and blow them out to remove all the dust and debris. On your TIG welder you can clean and adjust your contact points.


Little trick that I have been doing for many years, I run my wire thru an earplug prior to the wire feed to remove dust or containments. This helps extend the life of the liner.


Grinders, and drills or anything with an electric motor. It is good common practice to blow them out with air to remove the dust inside them.


For air tools you want to use air tool oil to lube the inside of them to keep them performing properly.


Some air tools have grease Zerks in them. You want to make sure you keep them greased as well as oiled for the best performance.


The bike scissor jack is another important tool in my shop. I actually have 4 of them and they work so much better with just a little bit of spray lube on the threads and wheel rollers.


If you have a bike lift in your shop you will want to make sure you grease and lube all of the pivot joints and wheel rollers to maintain smooth operation.


I have a belt grinder in my shop and by nature of the tool they are dirty and they create a lot of dust so you need to make sure you blow the motor, grease and lube any moving parts. Just remember we need to take care of the tools that take care of us. Keep them lubed and clean and you can expect longer life out of your tools. A little bit of preventative maintenance is cheap and goes a long way.

So if you have any questions about this month’s tech feel free to give me a call at the shop. 419-576-6812 Daniel – Pandemonium Custom Choppers

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