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Chris And Ken On Track With A New Weekly Broadcast

Article By: J. Ken Conte

Originally Published In The March 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

I wanted to let all our readers know about a new show that Chris and myself are doing on Facebook every week at 2 p.m. EST called Shop Talk. The genesis started several years ago when I launched the 4Ever2Wheels podcast, where I interview notable people in the motorcycle industry and then put it out as a podcast. I started doing these because there seemed to be a need to capture the stories of the past and let new people to the industry share their piece. It has been successful with a lot of notable guests including Chris Callen, Michael Lichter, Shelly Rossmeyer, Keanu Reeves and many more. You can listen to them on I-tunes or from the site

What I found was that there was no real outlet for motorcycle news that I could listen to every week, specifically custom V-Twin motorcycle news. I had spoken to Chris about putting together a show that mimics our weekly calls where we discuss what we have heard about the industry. Chris has a slogan that he starts every week with “60 minutes of all the bullshit we can fit” and that was pretty much how those calls would go so the show follows the loose format of two guys just talking shop. Anyway, Chris relented to my pleas a few months ago and since he is not one to do something half-way he has made it into a legit show. Although it started kinda rough while we figured out what is still brand new technology, it is now pretty advanced with graphics, videos, interviews and a pretty cool intro and outro.

We typically have an industry guest and go through the weeks motorcycle industry news. So far we have had Billy Lane, Paul Yaffe, Keith “Bandit” Ball and a host of others. We are starting to develop some segments like “Bat Shit Crazy News” that’s just a collection of weird and unusual happenings and every once in a while we throw in some tech and product testing reports. Every Thursday at 2 p.m. EST we broadcast live on the Cycle Source Facebook page where it is archived. If you prefer to listen to our broadcast they are typically available shortly after the video on or on I-tunes or Stitcher as a podcast

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