The Villa Tavern

Jasmine Cain And Big House Pete Team Up

Article By: Chris Callen

Originally Published In The August 2013 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


Okay so a lot of you have probably been getting tired of hearing how great it has been for me to start playing live music again, but it’s not just about the fact that I’ve had time to get into the things I love again, it’s been pretty cool for the magazine too. Take this past month for instance. After doing a show together with Jasmine Cain, we decided to take that combined show on the road, visit a bike bar in another part of the country and throw a little party for some of the friends of the magazine. So, Jasmine suggests our buddy Tony’s place in Huber Heights, Ohio called The Villa Tavern. Tony agreed to book us, and we got with the cats from Led Sled to throw an impromptu bike show. In grand Cycle Source fashion, Pat and I would simply stroll through the crowd and pick out one bike each that we believed stood out from the crowd. Let’s back up for a minute before I tell you who won the bitchin’ handmade trophies that Pat and the guys from Led Article By: Chris Callen Sled made for this event. First, I need to tell you the strangest story ever from a working musician. Now I’ve been in quite a few bands, and I’ve seen everything from inebriated players and angry club owners to drunken fans and a drummer with a head injury who liked to smoke grass…a lot. This day, however, would top them all. We headed out from Pittsburgh the day of the show and the weather report wasn’t great, but after talking to Tony, we were assured that the storm was gonna be passed his place by the time we got there. Fine with us – road trip!


Jasmine had arranged for a professional sound system. Sure enough, as we pulled up we saw a big production trailer with what we believed to be a man unloading speakers. As it turned out, we were quite mistaken as the man was in fact loading the last few speakers back into the trailer and promptly closed the door and left. We were told that he wasn’t doing the gig because of the chance it would rain. Now I’m not gonna tell you this cat’s name (I think it was Dick), instead of focusing on that, I’m gonna tell you about the kind of people who hang out at The Villa. At the drop of a hat, people started to call around to help find us some equipment. One guy in particular that was just in the crowd, drove to his house to get the majority of the PA system we would share with the Jasmine Cain band for the night. Now it was nowhere near the great big production that was in the trailer that split, but to us it was like gold and better in the end anyway. For the next hour or so, we spent time scurrying around getting gear in place as Jasmine crawled through the rafters zip tying lights to the cross members to give us enough to play by. All the while, the crowd grew but remained patient which was another amazing factor.


As show time drew closer, we decided to search out the winners of the bike show and hand out some accolades. We picked two bikes that were damn near cousins at least; both were Shovels and everyday riders. One was from Tim at Chaos and the other was F’n Bill. Guess the locals call him that ‘cause he says the F-word a little bit, but either way he had a bitchin’ F’n Shovel! Pat and the guys from Led Sled did a killer job with the trophies and we brought these two up on stage and let them tell their story. The rest of the night was a blur of killer tunes from Big House Pete and Jasmine Cain. We stayed after our set to watch Jasmine and by the end of the night all we wanted to do was grab some breakfast and sleep. The people who frequent The Villa are diehards and weren’t ready to leave a minute early; so much for the weatherman trying to scare everyone into staying off their bikes for the night. These are riders and they weren’t having it! We talked to Tony and Jasmine about doing this again towards the end of summer so stay tuned. Maybe this time we’ll giveaway four or five trophies. There sure were a lot of great bikes in that crowd. Thanks again to Tony and all his staff for hosting a killer time!


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