The Tank II

Featured In The March 2015 Issue Of Cycle Source

Article By: Milwaukee Mike Photos By: Rebecca Cunningham

Feature 2a

This year at the Lone Star Rally we here at Cycle Source hosted the bike show down at Beach Central on Seawall Blvd. Out of the many bikes that showed up, this Bobber was one of the best. It came in as a pair of beautiful machines ridden by the father and son combo of Ken and Bryan Perry from Dickinson TX. Along with this Shovel was a gorgeous Pan, which will be coming soon to our faithful readers. This Bobber was Kens foray back into motorcycles after many years away. It is a typical story of having bikes when young but then as often happens, life occurs. Ken was living in Huntington Beach CA and met his wife Lori and even though he didn’t have the means to own a bike he had some friends that used to let him and Lori roll when the need arose. Of course time wore on and life moved them back to Texas and brought kids and all that having children involves so the bikes would have to wait. But the itch was still there, and after the kids had grown and the money was ready, the itch turned into an obsession. Not the worst thing that can happen, so the search was on. The parameters were clear, vintage engine in a rigid frame, and one was found via the internet in Hannibal MO. It was the beginnings of what you see here, except it was not quite right. Ken liked the bike and rode it for about a week, then pulled it apart right down to the bare frame. No alteration was needed but he needed to make this bike his and put his own spin on it. Ken also had it in his sights that it was something that he could do with his now adult son Bryan and so the work began. Bryan had some of the knowledge that the new kids have and Ken was the mayor of the old school. Together they made a great team, as you can see. There was an unfortunate twist in life shortly after the bike came into Ken’s possession, his wife Lori passed away. Now the bike took on a new meaning, it became the means of memory, bonding and healing with Bryan. The build took on a furious pace and came together quickly. Like I mentioned earlier new school bumped into the old and the result works. One of the best things that came out of Bryan knowing what he knows, was that the wide glide front end was replaced by an unmistakable Spartan George riveted springer front end. He was aware of George because of Kevin” Teach” Baas’ book How To Build an Old School Bobber and his use of George’s front end on one of his class builds. Thanks to the 21” spool front wheel and the 180 rear wheel the bike had the proper stance. Being that Ken has worked in the petro chemical field in a fabrication vein, a lot of the reassembly and changes were done with his own two hands. A couple of things that this bike needed, from ken’s perspective, were the wrap rear fender and proper fat bobs rather than the tiny chopper style that is popular these days. The would work well in conjunction with the sprung solo seat, external oil filter, closed primary and the moon industries foot pedals as floor boards to create the proper looking bobber. In his own words “I built this bike to fit my style I don’t give a damn how anyone else thinks it should be, I don’t want a cookie cutter, this is my bike so it will be done my way.”

Feature 2b

Now that chassis and layout was complete, the fame and tins were sent off to Pygmy for a paint job. Man, did he hit the mark on two fronts. The classic black gloss frame and the right on flame job on the fat bobs and fender are classic. The second was the treatment of paint on the front end to keep it looking like raw, clean new metal, and as you can see he accomplished just that as he always does. Then it came time to slip the 93” S&S shovel motor and the 5 speed in a 4 case. This machine on its way equipped with both kick and electric start and an enclosed primary. Due to the salty climate in the coastal area metals that are resilient to the constant battle of rust and corrosion are prevalent so Ken went with brass risers courtesy of Gabe at After Hours Choppers, which also match the trim on the springer. Plus it gives the bike great contrast and makes it truly Ken’s bike. The last piece of the puzzle was the stainless exhaust, which did not have to be changed because. Stainless Creations did it right the first time so why change it! As the bike came together in the final days Ken and Bryan realized that they had created a living, breathing, memory piece that lives every time it rolls. I can’t think of a better way to remember the wife and mother of these men. In the end of this build Ken realized that one was not enough so he built a 62’ pan (birth year for Lori) which I will bring to you at a later date. Ken would like to say thanks to Teach, Spartan George, Gabe at After Hours, Fab Kevin, Pygmy, and of course Bryan for all of their help and for checking back in after all the parts were ordered. It’s good to know that in our busy consumer driven world that some folks still care about their craft.

Feature 2c

Owner: Ken Perry
Fabrication By: Chris McClary/ Ken Perry
City/State: Dickinson, TX
Year: 2006
Model: Bobber
Time: 8 Months
Value: Priceless
Year: 2006
Model: Shovel
Builder: S&S
Ignition: Crane HI-$
Displacement: 93ci
Pistons: S&S
Heads: S&S
Carb: S&S and Super E
Air Cleaner: After Hours Choppers
Exhaust: Stainless Creations
Primary: Closed
Year: 2006
Make: Ultima
Shifting: Foot
Year: 2006
make: Maximum Metalworks
Rake: Stock
Stretch: Stock
Type: Springer w/ Rivited Bronze Side Plates
Builder: Spartan Frameworks- George Counes
Extension: Stock
Front Wheel: Bob’s Cycle 40 Spoke Spoolie
Size: 21”
Tire: Avon Cobra
Rear Wheel: 80 Spoke
Size: 18”
Tire: Metzeler 880 Marathon
Rear Brake: Hawg Halter
Painter: Paint By Pygmy
Color: Black w/ Flames
Graphics: Paint By Pygmy
Bars: 12” Apes Spartan Frameworks
Risers: 3” Brass- After Hours Choppers
Hand Controls: Basic
Gas Tank(s): Fat Bob
Rear fender: Twisted Choppers
Seat: Pan-Baas Metal Craft/ Leather-No Neck Leather
Foot Controls: Owner
Floor Boards: Owner- Mooneyes
Oil Tank: Owner
Headlight: Per-Lux-Stainless
Tailight: Fab Kevin
Oil Filter Mount: After Hours Choppers
Photographer: Rebecca Cunningham

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