The Service Stand From Bagg It Up Customs

Originally Published In The March 2017 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

When it comes to working on our personal rides a lot of men and women just throw their hands in the air and take it to the local dealer or shop and relinquish control of their motorcycle to someone else. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes we lack confidence in our knowledge. Maybe it is because we don’t think we possess the proper tools. Others just find the whole process too cumbersome because of the bike being on the floor. I’ll address the first two of these in later articles but for this one let’s focus on getting that bike up off the ground. While table lifts are the ultimate for working on your bike they can be costly and take up a significant amount of space. Not all of our bank accounts or garages (kitchens, living rooms, etc.) can spare that much needed space. So, we are left with the next best option which is a frame lift. But those can be expensive for a quality unit as well and if not might leave you wishing you’d never decided to work on your bike at home since you can incur costly repairs when the damn thing slides off. To the rescue comes Greg Montierth with Bagg It Hard Customs just outside Phoenix, Arizona in Mesa. Greg told me this thing has been almost 50 some odd years in the making. His Momma knew at about 2 years old that he was attracted to the motorcycle lifestyle, she said he lit up at the sound of motorcycles on the 66. At 4 years of age he took off down the 66 on his tricycle while growing up in Flagstaff AZ (Arizona Highway Patrol and he had an afternoon together) but he managed to make it three miles and his scoot got locked up in impound. Greg’s passion found him growing up banging, welding, breaking and fixing everything from lawn mowers to dirt bikes. He was hooked. He started Bagg It Hard Customs after building what he thought would be a cool concept – Sheet metal saddle bags.

While lacking the aesthetic appeal of the flowing lines found on fiberglass bags his were solid and safe, very industrial and a great place to secure your belongings. The Service Stands came about from a necessity – Bagg It Hard Customs was growing and moving bikes around the shop was getting cumbersome. After looking around Greg found some cheap, low quality models that needed to be assembled the high-quality units were expensive but not mobile. So instead of settling he built his own mobile, durable and stable bike stand. And Bagg It Hard Customs has been making them ever since for folks like you and me all over the United States of America, Canada and have even sent two to South Korea! The unit I got also has the optional drain pan that is useful for catching spills as well as providing a handy place for tools while you’re working. Greg had told me his 9-year-old moves bikes around all over the shop (the video is on his Facebook page) and I can tell you now that I have one I believe him. This thing is everything he said it was and more. I’ve pushed, pulled and prodded a recent project on this thing with no straps and it hasn’t budged. If you need to get your bike up for maintenance, repairs or customization or if you just want to make it so that anyone in your family can move the thing around your garage you should definitely check this out at Bagg It Hard Customs on Facebook. He and his buddies have a lift built for the garage builder or the shop owner. Made in the good ol USA. Greg and his crew have put together a motorcycle stand that requires no straps, has no wobble and comes in at a staggering $130! Stand 130.00 + shipping Stand and Pan Combo 160.00 + shipping (Greg refuses to make money on the shipping so it is what every FedEx says it is.)

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