The REST of the story….

The “Rest” of the story. So in a previous post I headed down to Albright West Virginia to have Mark Wilson from Wiskybilt to have him install his ‘Riders Rest Hammock’. We didn’t have a chance to get it all wrapped up in the timeframe that I had to be there. Which was alright with me it gave me a reason to take a nice ride and get some wind.

So I scooted on back down to Albright West Virgina to have Mark finish installing his “Riders Rest Hammock”.

So here is the rest of the story…

The front bracket was fabricated first out of thin metal and then a thicker gage bracket was made using the first as a template. 056061

The front bracket mounts to the frame on the down tubes.066

All the clearances were checked and it came out great.

Mark had me hold pieces in place as he tacked them and then finished welding.078

There is a lot of work involved, bending grinding and a coat of paint to keep it from rusting. 064

I have to say powder coating is best but I didn’t want to wait for my new toy.

I am still a kid at heart.

I hope to see you out there and get a chance to show off the "Riders Rest Hammock"

Well it’s time for me to go chill out in my new Hammock! 083

Ciao for now Mailman Dave.

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