The High Life Project Part 5


clip_image004clip_image005’m pretty stoked this month! We got the ACME Choppers’ Springer! Let me tell ya, this thing is sweet: great craftsmanship, nice lookin’ welds and it even has needle roller bearings in the rockers!

So, ya know this things gonna be a smooth operator!

First, we are gonna get the mock- up finished so we have a roller. Then we will tear down and be off to Mr. Powder Coater - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Before I install the neck bearing races, I use a burr bit in a die grinder to cut small reliefs on the

inside of the neck. This will make for easy removal down the road when servicing them becomes necessary


We needed to make some front wheel spacers for the ACME Springer frontend and knocked them out on the lathe.


Because we’re not running a front brake, but the rim had a provision for one, I made a wheel hub cover to clean this area up.


With the neck bearings and races in place and the front wheel spaced, Duke and I installed the ACME Choppers’ Springer. We stood back and liked what we saw. Duke grabbed the gas tank he picked up from a swap meet and sat it on the frame. After looking at it for a bit, we found and marked where it would be located.


We drilled some holes in the backbone to install the stepped bungs (provided by Hugh’s Handbuilt) to mount the gas tank. In this photo you can also

see the one-off custom made risers that ACME Choppers’ provided! - Adobe Acrobat Pro - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Here we are getting the gas tank pressure tested and metal finished - Adobe Acrobat Pro

I used some stainless steel Allen bolts as fork stops. - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Not wanting to use zip ties for the 75’ long brake line, I made a handful of small rings that are welded to the frame to run the brake line through for a nice clean look. - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Duke didn’t want a stock kicker pedal for the build. He found this old H-D kicker pedal and with a few mods,we had it welded in place. - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Hugh’s Handbuilt hooked us up with a set of their Speedster Pipes, and we added a set of turn-out tips to them. We also installed a Pandemonium E-Bomb electronics’ tank to put all of the electronics into - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Well, here she is all mocked-up and rollin’! - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Within a couple of hours we had the High Life project in a lot of pieces! Here, Joe Schindler is prepping all the parts to go off to powder coat.

Well let’s see, it looks like powder coating, final assembly and engine build are next on the agenda. I wonder if Hugh’s got any of those sweet re-phased XS650 engines available? Guess you will have to make sure you read next month to find out!

Feel free to call or email if you have any questions: 419-576- 6812


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