The High Life Project Part 4


Life sometimes isn’t easy, so when you can find time to hang out in the shop
with your friends and make cool motorcycles — that’s the “High Life!” - Adobe Acrobat Pro

So after getting the rear
fender mounted and
radiused last month, Duke
and I stood back and took
a look. We both decided
that the fender needed
some speed holes. Time to start
drilling!! - Adobe Acrobat Pro
I grabbed up the stuff we needed
to layout out some holes: Dykem
layout fluid dividers, quick scribe,
center punch, and a step drill. - Adobe Acrobat ProI put some Dykem on the sides
of the fender and then used a
quick scribe along the radius of
the fender to scribe my center
line for the speed holes.
I laid the speed holes out on the
fender with dividers 1” on center - Adobe Acrobat Proputting a small scribe mark in the
Dykem fluid for their location,
and then I used the center punch
to set the location. - Adobe Acrobat ProDuke drilled a small pilot hole
to start the process. Next, he
switched to the step drill to
achieve the look he was after.


Duke is planning on riding the piss out of this bike so some storage was in order. After some swap meet scrounging, he found a Harley saddlebag in great condition and even got the mount with it!


We mocked-up the saddlebag mount to the frame and made it a bolt-on item so it could be removed if he wanted to.


The taillight is mounted high up on the sissy bar and we needed a place to run the wiring. I was not going to use any zip ties here! I machined up some small bungs to run the cloth wiring through.


I used some safety wire to hold the bungs in place so I could tack weld them on.


We mocked-up some wire through the bungs to check the look out.


Wow, this is moving right along this month! Duke wanted some forward controls so I went digging in my parts’ stash and found some old crotch rocket controls. I figured we could make something from this pile of parts!


imageI drew up a pattern to mount the controls to the front engine mounting bolts with this. We should be able to make some forward controls with the leftover crotch rocket parts.

I used a piece of masking tape to tape the pattern to the piece of steel. The tape holds the pattern in position while you trace it and center punch for your holes.




This is what we have so far. The
pegs and shifter are too close
into the chassis of the bike so the
mounts need extended…



So off to my friend Rodger
Demland’s shop to make some
foot peg extensions on his mill.

He whipped these up in no time




The right side is just a peg
mount. The rear brake setup is
operated by the hand control on
the handlebars. The left shifter
side works great and has quick


Now it’s time to get the seat
mounted up. I used some
standard spring perch mounts
and 2” springs to mount the rear
of the seat.


Red Tail Leather hooked us up on
the seat pivot and seat pan; very
nice quality stuff!


The seat is all mounted up. Red
Tail Leather also will be doing the
hand tooled leather for the seat.
The High Life project is coming
along pretty good.
Next month, we will be installing
the Acme Choppers’ Springer and
we will have a roller!!
Stay tuned, and if you have any
questions feel free to call:

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