The High Life Project Part 2 !

Part TWO  of the High Life  Project The Tattoo Duke Miller XS650 Build by Pandemonium Custom Choppers Daniel Donley.




clip_image006ow! Time flies when you’re having fun! Duke stopped by for a couple days and we got some more work done on the High Life Project!


Now that we have our frame hardtailed, we are going to be using aftermarket Harley Softail rims on Duke’s XS650 build. With the axle and the rim in the frame, the rear rim is then centered in the frame using a laser alignment tool that is installed in the neck and shoots a laser beam down the center of the frame to perfectly center the rear rim.


With the rim centered, Duke will measure for the wheel spacer on the drive side of the rim.

DSC03104With the measurements in hand, it’s off to the lathe to make up the wheel spacer out of D.O.M. tubing.


Being that we are using Harley Softail rims on this build, we needed to make a custom ¾” rear axle to fit.



DSC03116Duke was digging the dual caliper brake setup that I made months back for a tech article and I still had it.

It was made for a Shovelhead swingarm frame and only a few modifications to the caliper bracket were needed to fit the XS650.

Duke was stoked!


DSC03123With the rim laying on the work bench, and the calipers and bracket slide on the rotor, we use feeler gauges to center the calipers on the rotor.


DSC03124Measuring for the spacer
that goes between the
caliper bracket and the
wheels is simple. Measure
from the outside of the
bracket to the bearing
surface and then subtract
the width of the caliper
bracket. This will give you
the width of the spacer



Here’s Duke using the ol’
south bend!



This is the rear rim, axle,
and spacers installed in
the frame and the axle
torqued. We double check
that the tire was centered
in the frame with the laser
alignment tool.



We made a brake stay rod
using ¾” round bar and ½”
heim joints. This will make
for a heavy duty stay rod
that Duke can beat on!


Well, that’s it for this
month. Next month we will
be installing the engine,
final drive chain and start
mounting the rear fender.
If you have any questions,
feel free to give me a shout!


Pandemonium Custom Choppers



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