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Originally Published In The November 2013 Issue Of Cycle Source

Cycle Source November ‘13 21 Article By: Chris Callen Photos By: Chris Callen & Wyn Herrick

Feature 3aKerri Nov 13

I think one of the first times I met Joey was during Daytona at a Limpnickie Lot set up. During that week, I couldn’t take my eye off this bike. As we all headed out to the chopper show at Willie’s Tropical, he stood it right up on the back wheel. It gave me a big-ass grin and I knew I had to shoot pics of this bike.

My buddy Duncan from Lucky Charms Choppers was involved in making this thing what it was, and I was always into what Duncan was building. Well, as time went on and things got busy, I lost track of the bike. I’d see Joey when I visited New York or at an event here and there, but it wasn’t until this spring that I got to know him a little better.

I was up spending some time with Bobby from Indian Larry and we ran over to Blackstones, Joey’s place in The Village. Ya see, this nut-job who rides like part stuntman and part racer, actually owns one of the coolest, high-end hair salons in the city. You can read more about that at the e n d of this article, but the visit was a blast and we decided to hook up the next day for the shoot.

The greatest thing about this build was how it got started. Joey had this Dyna Superglide and was telling Duncan MacDonald from Lucky Charms Choppers what he wanted to do with it. Duncan had an old seat lying around from an Italian dirt bike — a Leverda — I think Joey said. They took the stock seat off and sat it on the Dyna and basically built the whole bike around making that seat fit. Joey was always into the dirt tracker/dirt bike style minimalist type of bike, and for him, function had to be the number one priority. Living in Brooklyn and using this bike to commute everyday to work means being ready for anything, so the European riding position is what he feels the most comfortable with.

They began by tearing everything off the bike. It sat basically as a motor, a frontend and some wheels as Duncan started doing some sheet metal work and relocating the battery. The seat kind of acts as the fender so some sheet metal under it would keep it protected from the elements. Duncan scored an old Superglide tank — the kind with the rubber strap that pulls off quick. He came up with a neat latch system for it and cut the sides off to match the width of the seat. From there they went straight to the motor.

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Sal from Benson Hurst was the man with the plan on the motor build. He took some Screamin’ Eagle heads and ported them out, as well as some S&S pistons and cams making the 70 hp stocker into a 110 hp performance bike. That’s the power that’s behind Joey’s notorious second gear wheel stands. Originally, they had a Bassani pipe on it, but Sal dug up an RB Racing exhaust. This is like an open throttle drag pipe made specifically for Dynas; it took the bike over the top.

To accommodate how hard Joey would be riding this bitch, they went with some 13 ½ inch FXDX rear springs, kept the 49mm frontend, but slid in some Progressive springs to stiffen it up. That, combined with the weight that had been sheared off the bulk of the chassis, would make it ready for lane splitting, wheelies, or whatever Joey threw at it.

Once the bike was up and running, it was more than evident that it needed some extra stopping power. To meet that need, Sal took an old Buell rotor and put a 6 piston caliper from a GSXR on it. In the city, when you ride like Joey does, you’ll run outta room fast. Block to block he gets shit done, and on the occasion that he is on an on-ramp or out on the BQE, you can expect to see him keep the frontend up through the first three gears.

I was taking the shots of this bike in front of Joey’s house in Park Slope. He lives in a beautiful neighborhood of brownstones so I was immediately envious. It was so great to show up and see this bike chained to the front window of a brownstone right next to the big gothic staircase. I can imagine he is the favorite neighbor.

Joey has always been into bikes. Even at the early age of six, he grew up taking trips to the Poconos in PA to ride his KX 60. There is no doubt that the bike is gonna stay; well, some bike will. This one is actually for sale. It’s been about five years of work in progress and he’s ready to build another one. If you dig the machine, drop him a line at joey.silvestera@gmail. com

So that’s what I know about the bike, but this cat is pretty interesting, man. Over the next couple of pages I wanna tell you a little more about him.

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5 Boroughs Bike Tech Sheet
Owner: Joey Silvestera
City: Brooklyn, NY
Fabrication By: Duncan MacDonald
Year: 2008
Model: Dyna Super Glide
Value: 12K
Year: 2008
Model: Big Twin
Builder: Sal Pepe
Ignition: Dyna
Pistons: H-D
Heads: Screamin’ Eagle – Heavily Modified
Cam(s): S & S
Carb: Cv 45
Air Cleaner: Big Sucker
Exhaust: RB Racing
Primary: H-D
Year: 2008
Make: Stock
Shifting: Stock
Year: H-D
Make: H-D
Rake: Stock
Stretch: Stock
Type: H-D
Builder: H-D
Triple Trees: H-D
Front Wheel: H-D
Tire: Pirelli
Brakes: Tokiko 6-Piston
Rear Wheel: H-D Spoke
Tire: Pirelli
Brakes: H-D
Painter: Kenny Mondelo
Color: Black & Silver Antique
Type: Gloss
Graphics: Scallops Hot Rod

Bars: Street Cycles
Risers: Street Cycles
Hand Controls: Duncan Specials
Gas Tank(s): FXR – Heavily Mod. By Duncan
Front fender: H-D
Rear fender: None
Seat: Duncan MacDonald
Foot Controls: H-D
Oil Tank: Stock
Taillight: From a Scooter
Headlight: Stock
Speedo: None
Photographer: Chris Callen & Wyn Herrick

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