The Day They Went Back To The Future!

As most of you may already know, today is the legendary day where Marty Mcfly, Jennifer Parker, and Doc Brown travel to today’s exact date, October 21st, 2015, in the movie Back To The Future II. Now you may be wondering why we, a motorcycle magazine, are telling you about this, and I’ll tell you.

It’s the future dude.

Today and everyday from now on is the future. Now while the 80’s were a bit off in thinking we’d have flying cars and that fax machines would be the most popular thing in the world, they were right with one major aspect. Things are totally different. More different than they could have imagined. And while we may not have hover-boards (yet) or self-tying shoe laces, we have come so far in the ways of science, medicine, technology, and society as a whole has grown and evolved. We now have smart phones that not only play apps, music and do phone things, but they can link us to pretty much anything, anywhere in the world and even check our vital signs with the touch of a button. We have hi-tech, hi-def televisions and interactive video games that scan your body and use you as the controller. We’re totally wireless, mobile on all levels and our technology continues to grow. We have made vast advances in the realms of science and medicine, which so often go hand in hand, with themselves and with technology. Just this year, we have come up with new ways to treat breast cancer, created a leadless pacemaker, and, something that was huge for my generation, we were able to send a spacecraft to Pluto and receive hi-definition photos of the dwarf planet for the very first time. Do any of you remember how small and pixelated Pluto used to be? We never even knew the color of the planet, let alone what the surface looked like. With our new technology, we found that out, and now there’s nothing we can’t achieve.


People tell me that my generation is lacking. That we missed out on all the “good times” where things were more simple and less “scary”. Well I say screw your “good times”. My generation has worked so hard to achieve the level of technological integrity we hold now. Technology isn’t scary. What’s scary is the fact that because all of the “old-timers” won’t take the time to understand and learn what we have to offer, my entire generation is being branded as lazy and useless. In terms of technology, even this magazine. The one you subscribe to and read every month. We are very much linked in with modern technology, from this blog, to our digital subscriptions and social media, we rely on technology to push us forward.

But enough about us, Back To The Future. Hah. Puns.

This movie was absolutely iconic for the people of that era and the people of mine. It gave them a hope for the future, something to look forward to and strive for. Plus,  who wouldn’t want a flux capacitor in their car? This movie was a perfect representation of the 80’s lifestyle and how people wanted the future to be. In my opinion, it’s not that bad.

Oh!! Just so all of you know, they are playing Back To The Future II in theaters tonight in honor of today’s date!

Now go out, grab a bottle of Pepsi Perfect and watch the future unfold before your eyes.


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