The Cosmic Shed Run

Article By Clinton Wallace

Photos By: Tom O’Keefe @tim.okeefe @thestagmag

Originally Published In The April 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine

As most of you know, we have some pretty cool events that go down here in Texas. However, one of the best is one that you’ve probably never heard of. And that’s by design, is called The Shed Run. The Shed Run is put on by Scott Hoepker, you might know him as Chemical Candy Customs. He has been hosting the Shed Run for 14 years. Held in his home town of Henderson, Texas, the location is known locally as The Cosmic Shed and our host is Miss Cindy. Let me tell you, Miss Cindy is awesome, she parties all night with us and is the first up and has the coffee ready pretty early. As I said you might not have heard about it and that’s because attendance is by invitation only. A A few years into hosting the event, Scott opened it up to everyone and let’s just say that it got a little outta hand and was just not manageable. So, Scott decided to go back to invitation only, so if you know, well then, you know… Hoepker hosts the run twice a year, once in the spring to kick off the year and once in the fall as a final ride before the weather turns to shit. It runs from Thursday through Sunday and people just show up whenever they can get there. Over the last several years, Scott has lined up some killer bands like, Quaker City Night Hawks, Lulu, The Black Sheep, and The Outbound Train just to name a few. The guys from The Bucking Pig usually show up on Friday and start the BBQ up and keep us all fed until everyone’s gone on Sunday. And let me tell you, if you haven’t had any BBQ from these guys you are missing out.

Let me step back and give you a little insight into what is known as The Cosmic Shed. It was built by Fred Rodgers a self-proclaimed trash artist. It was built usiång old telephone poles, and discarded materials. It is four stories high in the shape of a pyramid, and the grounds around it showcase his trash art and metal sculptures. Once he passed away it was turned into an art museum and Miss Cindy, who was Mr. Rodger’s partner, maintains it. Friday, we usually ride into town for some breakfast then back to camp to get ready for a day of  riding. Everyone that’s there goes for a ride around the east Texas piney woods. Then its back to camp for some awesome BBQ and maybe a game of washers or horse shoes. Everyone hangs out, some people take off in small groups for rides until nightfall when the band sets up by the camp fire and plays deep into the night. Saturday, is the big day. By now everybody has shown up and the day starts with breakfast by the guys from The Bucking Pig. Scott leads us on a guided tour to some of his favorite spots. This usually lasts until late afternoon, it’s a rad time getting to ride with close friends and seethe country side. It’s a nice change of pace from being at some of the big events with so many people, it’s nice to be with just a few and not have to rush to be anywhere. Then it’s back to camp once again for another great band, camp fire, and one hell of a party that usually leads into the morning hours.

Sunday, starts with breakfast, then everyone pitches in and gets the place cleaned up and back to normal for Miss Cindy. Nobody gets out with out helping out. Reluctantly the weekend comes to a close and all break away to head back home. The Shed Run is one of my favorite runs of the year because while they party hard, it’s one of the most relaxing weekends of the year for me. If you’ve been to it then you know and if you haven’t, maybe you’ll get the invite one day. I would like to thank Scott for putting on such a rad weekend and Miss Cindy for being such a badass and awesome host. Maybe one day I’ll see you out there.

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