The Body Shop: War Pony Nears Completion

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Article By: Chris Callen

Originally Published In The May 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine


With the Washington DC IMS Show coming fast we had about a week to completely dissasemble the “War Pony”, get the frame and some other parts to the powder coater and start in on the sheet metal. Good thing for me that Flat Broke’s ace in the hold is Mark. When it comes to finishing work, Mark is a true master and completely in his element. But we still had some details to finish up before he could work his magic.

There was still a sizeable dent in  the fuel tank where the old filler cap used to be. We decided to use the spot weld puller to try bringing it up enough to not have to use a ton of putty.

Pretty self explanitory. You start in the center and work out. Spot weld the supplied pins on to the area.

Once the pins are secure, you attach the slide hammer and pull the dent. A little at a time is good practice here.

We ended up using 14 pins to get this thing to where we could put a light coat of putty on it.

At the same time last minute touches were still needed, like the wiring tunnel for our FLH front fender made into a rear.

We still had to smooth out the frame, yeah I know it’s a race bike but it’s still a custom to us. Last but not least, we needed a key switch mount because the one it came with it was kinda clunky so we cut it off.

Amazingly enough, the guys at Dlubak Powder Coating turned the stuff around in a single day and did a ton extra to make it come out so good. Can’t thank them enough and you can see their ad in the back of the mag too.

Back to Flat Broke where Mark gets his groove on. He started by sanding every peice of body metal down and then applied a good thick coat of buildable primer.

From here, he worked around the clock wet sanding and layering small amounts of putty to get ready for one last coat of flat black epoxy primer before final paint. This would be as

far as we would get before the last IMS show and it was further than we thought. Tune in next month for the conclusion of how to build a bike in under 90 days…

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