The beginning of a Journey…..

It’s been 15 years working, riding and playing at the Sturgis Rally within the motorcycle industry.

Whether I was working for Hot Rod Bikes, Barnett’s Magazine or Cycle Source, I’ve never taken the time off to actually ride from my homestead to the rally.

Chris encouraged that I write an article based on a woman’s perspective of riding to Sturgis, South Dakota, so I reached out to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company to see if they would lend me a media bike to ride.

Once all of the paperwork was approved regarding insurances and such, the blessing was given.

I’m an FXR gal but used to ride the old man’s FLHT on a regular basis, that was 13 years ago. Riding the FLHX was a little nerve racking at first but once I got the 290 miles under my belt riding home to Vegas, it was just like the old days.

Man, these things ride smooth!! I might just want one by the time I get done with this trip!

So, I’m packed and ready to go.

My good friend Brian Klock from Klock Werks sent me one of his badass Flare windshields to put on Big Yellow so I can take some of the beating off of my ears. Don’t know how well I’m going to sleep tonight. Sturgis, South Dakota – here I come….


Penny “O”



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