The 2020 METZELER Calendar, Titled “METZELER EXTREME”, Pays Tribute to the Heroes of Extreme Enduro Competition

The 26th METZELER Classic calendar celebrates the two-wheeled racing world with black and white images dedicated to the world of extreme enduro.

Munich (Germany), 17 December 2019 – The 2020 METZELER CALENDAR will deliver a united theme in its two versions: the ‘Classic’ variation, now in its 26th edition will feature historical black and white shots of two-wheeled competitions, and the version called “METZELER EXTREME” that is dedicated to the extreme enduro world where the German tire brand can boast a decades-long success story.

Since its foundation in the late nineteenth century, the METZELER brand combines expertise and commitment to developing cutting-edge competition tires that allow riders to face the greatest challenges, while partaking in memorable and rewarding experiences. The distinctive elements of extreme enduro competitions embrace the theme of experience, lived through the riders who have fought through hostile terrain and conditions, pushing themselves and their bikes to the limit. Nowadays extreme enduro events are among the most exciting motorsport events in the world, also thanks to the spectacular landscapes that frame them. From insurmountable mountain peaks to open pit mines, from narrow city lanes to old industrial ruins, these are the very landscapes that inspired the creation of this calendar, dedicated to all the heroes who contributed to the growth of the extreme enduro discipline for years.

The search for entertainment and performance that emerges from these images represents the connection with the timeless charm of the CLASSIC calendar, which this year offers fascinating images of moments away from the spotlight. From the shot depicting a group of Honda mechanics on a lunch break during the Grand Prix d’España (May / June) to the photograph of a rider at the checkpoint before departure at the International Six Days Trial (ISDT) (September / October), the black and white photographs will transport you back in time.

The METZELER calendar was born in 1994 as the METZELER Classic and since its inception has presented black and white historical images dedicated to the most beautiful moments of international motorcycling. Then from 2010, METZELER’s Classics calendar began to support a thematic calendar with images that share a theme considered important for the brand. Among the most popular editions were the first thematic calendar dedicated to MOCLA and the Cuban Classic Motorcycle Club with photographs by Michael Lichter. In 2012, it was a tribute to Japan and in 2014 the METZELER calendar was dedicated to one of the leading activities of the German brand, namely the world of road racing.

The newest edition of the METZELER CALENDAR presents 14 photographs with descriptions in English. The photos of the extreme enduro thematic calendar come from the archives of Red Bull Media House GmbH, Austria, while those in the Classic version are part of the photographic archive of Text & Technik Verlag in Weissach, Germany. The calendar was printed double-sided in a limited edition of 5,000 copies by Grafiche Antiga SpA on very high-quality paper with dimensions 19.4 x 13.5 inches. The cover photo of the METZELER EXTREME version was printed on rough-effect laminated paper located in the areas showing off-road terrain.

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