The 2015 Source Awards- Woman Of The Year

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Born during a time where not many rode motorcycles and it was unheard of for woman to ride, our Woman Of The Year was tied to two wheels from a young age. Gloria is seen as not only a kick ass rider but as a matriarch of the motorcycling industry. At 90 years old, she’s just as energetic and lively as any of the younger riders…and she can probably ride better than most of them too! For everything she’s done for women in the industry and the industry as a whole, it gives us great pleasure to name Gloria Struck Cycle Source’s 2015 Motorcycling’s Woman Of The Year.


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  1. Hey, sorry about that. This feature is provided by our digital provider who is for the record the WORST at their job but somehow has still become the industry standard.We are working with them to make the preview a little bigger but for now, email me your address and I’ll send you a free copy.

  2. you lost a potential sale! in the ‘Flip through’ I got the cover view and an ad for S & S only. Now I will try and remember to go to a bookstore/newsstand and see what it looks like inside…

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