Hand Spinning Fenders

Article By: Paul Wideman Photos By: Nichole Grodski The first time I looked into metal spinning, I was in complete awe. I was a young gearhead and had always heard the old timers talk about “spun” fuel cells on the front of their dragsters. Not long after, I saw the Mooneyes’ oil tanks in a Read More >

Legend Air Install

Article and Photos by: Chris Callen With our boy Keith getting his ’95 Roadking up and running this spring, we’ve got a good look at the fact that he, like a lot of people these days, is in the position of bringing an Evo based bike back from the deterioration of a hard first, sometimes Read More >

Venting a Gas or Oil Tank Cap

Article By: Tyler Malinky If you’re building a custom oil tank, you can forgo the vent fitting and vent the cap to keep a super clean design. Also, if you need to vent a cap for a gas tank, this method also works great. What you need are a 1/8” NPT tap (which needs a Read More >

Beer Runner On a Budget–Part 7

Article By: Wayne at Wicked Willy’s Choppers Here in part seven of our trike build, we are going to start our foot controls. I will be building a custom foot clutch using our own forward controls. This will take two parts because I will show you how to measure and make your own cable out Read More >

Motorcycle Seat Upgrade

Article And Photos By: Sara Liberte Look, it’s inevitable as time goes on that certain parts on your car, motorcycle, dirt bike or whatever vehicle you cherish most will eventually deteriorate. It’s a part of life; things wear out. Take your own body for example. There are certain things you just can’t do like you Read More >