Cyber Swap Kicked Off On Sunday!

The Source Media Group launched its fourth weekly show Sunday morning, Cyber Swap, hosted by The Banks Brothers, Tom and George. Here’s a little recap of Sunday’s Show:   Cyber Swap is Swap Meet meets the Home Shopping Network. The idea came together when the swap meet events across the country started to cancel. It Read More >

Rebel’s Ride – Matt Newman’s 54 Pan

Article and Photos by Mark Valazquez, originally published June 2019, Cycle Source Magazine In one form or another, we are all our brother’s keeper. With such bonds, the good, the bad and the ugly are always what make these bonds strong. In this world in which we ride on two wheels, this commitment is expected Read More >

Stealth Tribute Air Cleaner From S&S Cycle

Conceived by S&S founder and brought to market by his son George B Smith, the Classic Two Throat carb and matched air cleaner served as a performance milestone in the v-twin space for over a decade. Now long gone, they are still a hot commodity for in-the-know chopper builders. Inspired by the unique style of Read More >

Lectron Carb – Magoo Checks In With The Install & Tune

Article and photos by Mitch “Magoo” Bodine Lectron carbs have been made in USA since 1974. They where actually OEM on some Harley models in the late 70’s.  I first used Lectron carbs in the late 70’s on two various two stroke street and race bikes. Then back in 2010 I used one of my Read More >

Jason Remington’s Pan Shovel, Never Done

Jason Remington’s Pan Shovel, Never Done Article by George the Painter Photos by Missi Shoemaker Originally Published August 2019 Unless you’re building bikes for a living or one of those fortunate enough to have multiple bikes to keep your interest, you’ll find the bike you ride is in a constant state of flux. Sitting on Read More >