Michael Lichter’s Naked Truth Exhibition At Buffalo Chips Sturgis

Lay Your Eyes on a this Fully Exposed Collection of Motorcycles and Art at the Buffalo Chip’s Russ Brown Events Center Follow every curve, explore every exposed inch and bask in the raw beauty of the Naked Truth Exhibition. Go ahead…pretend no one’s watching and just let your eyes wander. We won’t tell. Unlike any Read More >

"Slant Artist," One of the Best Motorcycles as Art Exhibit Yet at The Sturgis Buffalo Chip

An Eccentric View on Motorcycles and Art," the 2011 Michael Lichter Motorcycles as Art exhibit at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, featuring avant-garde artist, Jeff Decker, was a raging success and is being hailed as one of the best exhibits to date. "This was, one of the best Motorcycles as Art exhibits we have done at Read More >