Metzeler Burn Out Contest

BMR 2014 Article By: Chris Callen So there isn’t a whole lot to tell you about the burnout contest except….DAMNNNNN!!!! A lot of people made comments on Bookface that they never understand these things…Blah, Blah, Blah. Look, what is there to understand? It’s a primal ritual. You take one part dangerous machine, one part crowd Read More >

Metzeler Unveils “Fast Fifty” Tire Promotion For Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Rome, GA. (USA) February 2, 2016 – Metzeler is pleased to announce a special, limited-time promotion that provides motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to receive a $50 prepaid VISA card. The offer is valid for qualifying Metzeler non-race, non-motocross motorcycle tires purchased as a set (a front and a rear), in any combination, from participating Metzeler Read More >

Press release: 2016 METZELER calendar: a tribute to the presence of motorcycling in the ‘flicks’

2016 METZELER calendar: a tribute to the presence of motorcycling in the ‘flicks’ The 23rd edition is titled “Take the Road” and, according to tradition, has two versions: the Classics, with images of films that have shaped the history of cinema, and the Contemporary, with photographs taken during the filming of movies that have participated Read More >

The 2015 Source Awards- Best Feature Bike Of The Year

This years Feature Bike Of The Year was feature on our January cover and blew the minds of everyone, including the lucky cat that was given the opportunity to ride cross-country on it. Touring with Metzler for the rest of the year and catching everyone’s eye with it’s hardcore New York style is exactly why we have Read More >