JayBrake J-Series Forward Controls for Softails

JayBrake (www.jbrake.com) J-Series Forward Controls (MSRP starts at $898.00) move from JayBrake’s traditional design with an internal reservoir and hidden banjo bolt fittings. They are machined from billet aluminum and assembled with stainless steel hardware. The J-Series Forward Controls mount to pre-2000 & up Softail mounting patterns and mount to pre-2000 Softail with included plates. Read More >

JayBrake J-FX Forward Controls for Softails

JayBrake (www.jbrake.com) J-FX Forward Controls (MSRP $776.00) feature fully adjustable pegs and brake / shift lever to allow for the perfect fit. They’re constructed of steel and billet aluminum. They utilize stock mounts and the master cylinder. JayBrake J-FX Forward Controls fit 2000 and up Softails. They require the use of a 2000 – 2006 Read More >