Lectron Carb – Magoo Checks In With The Install & Tune

Article and photos by Mitch “Magoo” Bodine Lectron carbs have been made in USA since 1974. They where actually OEM on some Harley models in the late 70’s.  I first used Lectron carbs in the late 70’s on two various two stroke street and race bikes. Then back in 2010 I used one of my Read More >

The Chopster – Kyle Brewer’s Tribute to 50 Years…

Article and photos by Twila Knight, published July 2019 You might remember the late 60’s, early 70’s, or were there but don’t exactly remember much of it, or perhaps you are a youngin like me, no matter what, I bet you know the long, skinny style of an old chopper: Denver’s Choppers, Sugar Bear’s front Read More >

Bob Long’s Tequila Blue

Article and photos by Joshua Elzey, Originally published July 2019 In 1987, Bob Long of NH lost a countershaft bearing in the transmission of his ’62 that put a crack in the engine case. The fix would require pulling the motor to repair the case; however, Bob got a phone call from his friend Joe Read More >

Harley-Davidson Invites Kids Of All Ages To Color Its Art

From February 3-7, 2020, libraries, archives, and other cultural institutions around the world are sharing free coloring sheets and books based on materials in their collections. This year the Harley-Davidson Museum’s Archives decided to join in on the fun. There is no fee to participate just go to the website and download the coloring pages of Read More >

Irish Goodbye

Article by Chris Callen, Photos by Michael Lichter Originally published July 2019 Getting an invitation to Michael Lichter’s Gallery Show in Sturgis is a considerable honor and at the same time a little intimidating. Yes, you’re going to bring your best, but so is everyone else. Some of the cleanest machines on the planet are Read More >