Leading Edge V-Twin

To Read The Full Article, Go To www.cyclesource.com Article And Photos By: Jeff Holt – www.vtwinvisionary.com Originally Published In The November 2018 Issue Of Cycle Source Magazine This performance engine upgrade kit is like no other. It increases your M8 engine’s torque and horsepower by over 60 percent, and it doesn’t use any sort of Read More >

Feelin’ A Little Outta Sync?

Pandemonium Custom Shop Tech Article by: Daniel Donley – Pandemonium Custom Choppers – pandemoniumc2.com Originally Published In The March 2015 Issue of Cycle Source Magazine Got a bike with two or four carbs? Engine not running so well? Well it might be time for a good carburetor cleaning and synchronization. Synchronization, what’s that? Well, it’s the adjustment Read More >