Mounting A Custom Fuel Tank

Article By: Tyler Malinky When it comes to mounting a custom gas tank on your bike, there are many ways to skin a cat. With quite a few tanks coming with welded on but undrilled tabs, one of the easiest ways is to weld a couple of threaded bungs into the back bone of your Read More >

Hand Spinning Fenders

Article By: Paul Wideman Photos By: Nichole Grodski The first time I looked into metal spinning, I was in complete awe. I was a young gearhead and had always heard the old timers talk about “spun” fuel cells on the front of their dragsters. Not long after, I saw the Mooneyes’ oil tanks in a Read More >

Legend Air Install

Article and Photos by: Chris Callen With our boy Keith getting his ’95 Roadking up and running this spring, we’ve got a good look at the fact that he, like a lot of people these days, is in the position of bringing an Evo based bike back from the deterioration of a hard first, sometimes Read More >

Venting a Gas or Oil Tank Cap

Article By: Tyler Malinky If you’re building a custom oil tank, you can forgo the vent fitting and vent the cap to keep a super clean design. Also, if you need to vent a cap for a gas tank, this method also works great. What you need are a 1/8” NPT tap (which needs a Read More >

Beer Runner on a Budget–Part 8

Article By: Wayne at Wicked Willy’s Choppers Here in part 8, we will finish our foot clutch that we started last month. We will make an end for our cable and also make up a set of kickass handlebars that flow with our tank and have enough pullback for this long trike. Then I will Read More >